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One resolution to rule them all!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

2018’s been a big old year! ;) Like every year for everyone, no matter who you are and what you do, there’ve been highs and lows. As Prince put it, that’s ‘this thing called life’! All you can really do is create (and cross your fingers for) more ups than downs, we reckon.

The 2018 highs have brought a year of awesome change for us... exciting new projects like Picture Somerset and specific weekdays (as well as nights and weekends ;)) completely devoted to our gorgeous county. Continuing to shout about Somerset and the amazing people who live/make/work here, is an absolute privilege. There’ve been exciting freelance opportunities too and new and deepening friendships.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, last year I made a pledge to myself to do things a little differently. I decided not to make a long (or even a short) list of things I’d probably never do - and feel bad about abandoning before the end of January ;). I just committed to one thing and one thing only – not a resolution exactly, but something I promised myself I’d make happen by the end of the year, because I thought it would challenge me and hoped it would make me happy if I did it. That was our radio show.

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Way back, on only the second day of moving to Somerset, I went on Frome FM to be interviewed by Ida - the awesome lady in some of these pics, who’d read one of the very first features I’d written and wanted to chat to me about it on her show. I was a bit surprised that anyone wanted to talk to me about the blog and I nearly didn’t go because we were shoulder-deep in packing boxes... but mainly because I was really nervous about going on the radio. I pushed myself, did it anyway and Ida was great - funny, supportive and she mentioned the idea of having a Somerset cool show, but the time wasn’t right back then. Putting it together a couple of years later initially felt just as nerve-wracking as going on Ida's show that very first time... but the challenge has been awesome and great fun too. I absolutely love radio and community not-for-profit radio is really special indeed.

Focusing on committing to one thing and one thing only at the start of the year, was the best way for me to make the radio show happen. So, I’m doing the same again for 2019. It doesn’t mean we won’t do lots of other things too, it just stops me putting together that New Year list and feeling like I’ve let myself down if I don’t do every single thing on it! ;)

I don’t know what that one promise to myself is yet – there are a few mad ideas swirling round in my mind, but as long as I decide by some point on New Year’s Day, that’ll be grand! ;) Whatever it is, pledging one thing means it won’t just fade into the background and if you feel resolutions never quite work for you either, why not work out your one thing? You never know – it might just be the way to go!

Here’s to an exciting, healthy (she says, with a raging earache) and happy New Year... a year of being yourself and doing what makes your heart smile, as often as is genuinely possible.

P.S. A couple of other things I’ve seen on twitter have made me think too.

The first is this:

We’ll definitely be getting a jar and popping a note in it, whenever the mood takes us. A lovely way to spend a bit of time next New Year’s Eve – reading and reminiscing.

The second is this:

To be honest, there’s nothing more important than that.

Jenna x

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