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Updated: Jan 21

Just a really quick one! You know I was up for a National Community Radio Award for Best Newcomer? Well, I flipping won it! :)

Last weekend, we headed to Barry Island in South Wales, for a packed celebration of all things community radio. It was brilliant to be part of it... but I must admit, the nerves were jangling a little bit by the time my category came round and the envelope was opened by the sponsor from The Radio Hub.

Excitement & nerves built, as the nominees were put up on screen

The bronze and silver winners were announced... I wasn’t amongst those... and then my name was called for the Gold!

Stop singing Spandau Ballet in your head! I know you are! ;)

I headed up to the stage a little bit weak at the knees... nothing to do with the fact I had to say a few words of course! Honestly, leading up to the day I hadn’t even considered the practicalities of the awards night - or what would happen if I did actually win! ;)

I hadn’t prepared anything, so I said a few thank yous, mentioned the 24 hour non-stop radio show, told everyone how to pronounce Frome (ahhh!!) and headed back to my seat with the trophy!

A great celebration of community radio across the country & a privilege to be there with Graeme & Ida

Anyway, I really just wanted to say thank you for all your brilliant support and messages on social media, for listening in and contributing to the 'Somerset cool live' radio shows. It means so much and although I’ve never really been an awards person I guess, national recognition is actually really lovely and bringing the award back to Somerset and to Frome (rhymes with broom ;)) FM, is the best bit.

Fun on the night :)

If you’re reading this thinking ‘what is she on about’, and you haven’t heard the programmes yet, what ya waiting for? Just click here and you’ll be able to fill your days with a selection of previous shows. Oh yes! ;)

All in all, Somerset is awesome and I absolutely love being able to celebrate that on community radio... so thank you to everyone who’s been part of the show so far.

Next year, I’m planning a radio fundraiser that’ll be a countrywide challenge (I know!!!), with Somerset very much at its heart of course... so if you’re reading this and you fancy joining as a sponsor (whether you're a small business, a bigger business or anyone who wants to be part of the adventure:)), do give me a shout! We can't do any of this without you :).

A huge thank you for all the support

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