This is how we do it ...

We write and spread the word about cool things in Somerset, so how do we go about collaborating? Do we accept free stuff? Can you invite us to your pub or yurt? ;) Can you pay us to write a feature about you? 


Here's our approach, in a very small nutshell:


1. Everything we write about we've experienced ourselves. Always.


2. If we don't love what we've experienced, we won't write about it. It's that simple. Everything we write is from the heart.


3. We accept complimentary things (tickets, stays, restaurant visits etc). 


4. We create 'sponsored' posts, we're copywriters and we provide lots of other support. Give us a shout for costs and collaborations. Jenn's been writing for and about exciting brands, people and events for a long old time (we won't mention how long ;)). We'll only do this for like-minded souls though and we'll never tell you about anything that's a load of dull pants ;).


5. We offer limited advertising for makers, places and events that we think you'll love - and that excite us. Makers, places and events... get in touch if this sounds right up your country lane!


6. We're always on the look out for the cool, unique, brilliant or undiscovered. Get in touch with us about a feature by emailing  



And finally, if you love our blog... don't worry. Our site will never be covered from top to toe in ads. We'll only ever bring you the 'best bits of Somerset' in very carefully selected chunks of goodness - and everything will always be personal. 

So, there you go. That's more of a set of guidelines than a binding ethos really... and there's ten bonus points for you if you can tell us which film that line comes from ;). If you sang the headline of this page to the tune of 'This is how we do it' by Montell Jordan, that's another ten! 

Any other questions, just shout.  


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