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Kicking reality where it hurts!

Happy New Year! Hope you ate, drank and were merry…we did and we were, but now it’s January and it’s round about this time that I like to worry about ‘going back to reality’ - and obsess about it a bit ;)  

It’s not that I hate reality. Most of the time I think myself flipping lucky, but whoever you are and whatever you do, there’s always bits of your reality that make your stomach sink slightly when you think about them - weight, fitness, work, finances, relationships that could be better... all the nettles partying in the garden because they’ve ‘taken back their (garden) borders’. 

I don’t know about you... maybe you’re a sound sleeper, but I just love to wake up at night and think about all this reality stuff - and it looms even larger when you’re counting your thousandth sheep/goat/Tom Hiddleston/whatever takes your fancy :)

So this year, my resolution is simple - to punch reality in the nuts. To kick it where it hurts. To change some of the things about my reality that stop me going back to sleep after I’ve been to the loo in the night!

I’m not going to write a big list of stuff I’ll never stick to. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t deliver it. I’m going to write down 3 things that will make me feel happier if I achieve them. And I’m going to do them… consistently, because that’s where I always fall down.

I’m a big ideas, grand plan kind of girl. Big stuff doesn’t phase me and last year we had lots of that going on (moving house, living somewhere new, attempting to grow things we could actually eat). It’s the repetitive things you need to do over and over again to get results that scare the shit out of me. So this year, I’m going to repeat myself. Not all the time (that would be dull and I’d wither and die), but just consistently stick to doing 3 little things I might’ve been putting off… because they’ll make my heart sing a little louder if I do.  

Here’s to 2017 being a year of small changes for big bursts of feeling good - and here's to sticking to it. Take that reality! You’re about to change a little every day and it’s going to hurt you much more than it’ll hurt me :) 

P.S. Here are my 3 things. Maybe you’ll share yours too in the comments or on @somersetcool on Twitter or Instagram?  

1. Sing

I used to do a lot of music. Now I don’t and it makes me a bit sad. So this year, I’m going to sing every day. Maybe I'll do more than that, but I’m not going to say "I’ll be in awesome band by this time next year". I’m just going to say I’ll sing, because it’s something I can achieve consistently. 

2. Weed

No… not the drug :) The garden. Weeding is the boring bit, the hard bit, the repetitive monotonous bit and last year we did pretty much none of it. We’re lucky in that our garden hides a multitude of sins, but if I’m honest the weeds are taking hold in certain areas, plus it’s good exercise - which helps with the fitness part of the New Year’s Resolution thing. I thrive when I’m out in the fresh air too, so for a short time every day (unless it chucks it down) that’s where I’ll be :) 

3. Talk

Work and life gets stupidly busy and sometimes (and as bizarre as it sounds), I can go a whole day and evening without so much as grunting! ;) I often don’t make time to talk about the things that matter with the people I’m closest to, so every day I’m going to stop whatever I’m doing and have a proper conversation with people I care about. And really, that’s what it’s all about... of course the conversation can happily turn to the cool Somerset places we'll be visiting in 2017!! ;). 

Anyway, that's it. 1,2,3... lets's go! 


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