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Counting down the days

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

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Are we nearly there yet? I feel like saying that every day. Is it time yet? How many days, hours, minutes, seconds!

Waiting to move house is a frustrating game, especially if you're us. We were meant to move before Christmas & were let down on completion day by an absolute shit of a buyer. Someone who promised much & delivered nothing. You couldn't have made it up - the stories, the excuses, the reasons why the money wasn't available. I can't count the amount of times mates & family said "I wish we had a system like Scotland". I wish.  But here we are. It's a new year, we have nice new reliable buyers & in forty days (everything crossed) we'll be in Somerset full time.

I've learned a lot from the experience we had - triple check your buyers funds being one lesson - but the main thing is that if you truly want something, never give up. At the time, if I'd heard the line "things happen for a reason" from one more well-meaning person, I'd probably have struggled not to punch them somewhere very painful & although I still don't believe that particular saying, I do believe that with determination, focus & the ability to battle on when it's the very last thing you feel like doing, good things happen.

Luck helps too of course, & we've been incredibly lucky at the other end of the chain to have very understanding people selling to us that we're proud to call friends.

Roll on February!


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