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Top-notch grub at The Talbot

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

The Talbot Inn, Mells

If you like your pubs with huge amounts of character, in a beautiful village setting with glorious plates of food to satisfy even the pickiest of palates, you'll love the Talbot Inn!

The Inn is at the heart of the little village of Mells - a truly beautiful spot in picturesque countryside - although by the time we arrived it was pitch black so we didn't see much of that!

The sound of silence & the crisp chill in the January air was bliss though & as we walked across the cobbled courtyard, we just hoped the door would open to a cosy candlelit bar where a glass of red could be in our hands in minutes. We weren't disappointed!

The wooden tables were pretty much all full in the bar with a mix of visitors, locals & a huge dog enjoying all the attention he could get! We hid in a little corner & sighed - this place was exactly what we were after - a nice buzz, a relaxed bunch of people & down to earth, friendly staff with some very well manicured mustaches between them! (shout out for the birds of Somerset print on the wall behind our corner table too. Funny illustrations. Look out for that one when you go).

After a while we moved in to the snug for some food (the restaurant is spread out over several small rooms which gives a cool, intimate feel. There's also a separate grill house open on weekends - we'll be back for that!) After spicy squash soup came salt-baked Barrington celeriac, wild mushrooms, pearl barley & roasted garlic for me. Graeme pretty much climbed a 'Talbot burger' packed with pickles, cheese & bacon. YES!!!

This converted 15th century coaching house has 8 bedrooms too, so if you fancy a sleepover you're in luck - although we weren't that night as they were full up! Shame, as we could've happily sat in front of the fire with a few more Riojas until bed.

All in all, our three words to sum up The Talbot Inn would be 'bloody brilliant gastropub'! Is gastropub one word or two? Who gives a monkey's :)

Jenna Myles, founder of Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset blogger, Somerset bloggers

Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset blogger


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