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The Ciderthon - Four Thoughts

Updated: May 15, 2018

I ran a marathon once. Long, long time ago now and all I can say is that it definitely would've been a lot more fun with cider... so, when we heard about The Ciderthon - a half marathon happening in Somerset at the end of April, that combines running and cider tasting - our ears definitely pricked up! :) 

To find out more about this brilliant (and slightly bonkers) challenge, we caught up with Ciderthon creator Nikki Hawkes and asked her four questions we thought you'd love to know the answers to. Here's what she had to say: 

1. Can you tell us a bit about the Ciderthon challenge and what inspired you to come up with this unique, cider-fuelled idea?  

The Ciderthon is the first cider tasting half marathon! It's inspired by a similar event which takes place in France called Marathon Du Medoc - a full marathon where you taste wine at every mile, so I thought why not bring something similar to Somerset... but with a West Country twist!  

2. What can people expect on the day? Is it OK to drink and run? :) 

Well, people can definitely expect beautiful views of Wells, Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset moors...

... and at every mile of the run, there'll be a cider stop hosted by local cider companies including Orchard Pig, Brothers, Millwhites and Taunton Cider, to name just a few. 

As everyone is encouraged to be in fancy dress, there'll be a brilliant atmosphere and we'll have music at the cider stops as people make their way around the route...  as well as at the finish line too.

The finish line itself will be a part of the 'Ciderthon Village' where there'll be a range of cider bars waiting to welcome in all the runners and carry on the party. Anyone interested in the cider part, but not the running part, can support the runners over a pint or two at this fantastic Village of all things Ciderthon!

Drinking and running is safe, as long as volumes are measured safely and at the Ciderthon, the tasters are slightly smaller than a small wine glass, so there's no problem there... although you do get a pint at the finish line! A medical team is also on board of course, to help out anyone who feels unwell. 

3. Will the event raise money for charity and what are your hopes for the Ciderthon?  

We're raising money for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, a cause we want to show our appreciation for. The charity relies solely on the public for financial support and they do an amazing job, working incredibly hard across the South West. 

We're hoping the Ciderthon becomes a regular event, where cider lovers who are looking for a different type of challenge take part.

4. Tell us a secret about the Ciderthon that no-one else knows :) 

The medals are going to be in the shape of our favourite fruit... apples! 

Loving the sound of those medals!! :) How about you? Are you tempted? Fancy taking part as a runner for the prize of forever calling yourself a Ciderthoner? Or maybe you just want to check out the Ciderthon Village? Either way, if you're up for it The Ciderthon takes place on Sunday 29th April, starting and finishing in Wells and taking in the nearby villages of Launcherly, North Wootton and Woodford. You can find out all the latest by following the Ciderthon guys on their Instagram  - as well as checking out their website right here, where you can buy tickets too!

Entry is £47 per person, including entry to the run, 13 cider tastings, a T-shirt and the prestigious apple-shaped medal!

Good luck to everyone taking part... and happy tasting/running! 


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