Somerset Art Weeks – A special anniversary festival

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Guess who’s back... back again? OK. I might’ve sung that Eminem style whilst writing it just now, but there’s good reason! I’m so excited that Somerset Art Weeks is back... 16 days dedicated to showcasing the creative arts in Somerset and this year, it’s the Silver Anniversary of this fantastic celebration. Can you believe it’s been lighting up the county for 25 years? Well, from now until October 6th, there are some very special things happening to mark the occasion and we’ve been opening our guide (you can find the online version right here), getting stuck in, and we’ll be experiencing as much of it as we possibly can.

I'm sharing our pick of the bunch here too - the artists and exhibitions that've caught our eye this time around. I've also been talking to three brilliant people on our latest radio show... Textile Artist Rebecca Bruton, Artist and Curator Fiona Campbell and Artist, Curator and Somerset Art Weeks Co-ordinator Paul Newman.

Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset cool, art in Somerset, Somerset bloggers
Fantastic chat on our Somerset cool live radio show, celebrating 25 years of Somerset Art Weeks

The guys popped by the studio to chat about what Somerset Art Weeks means to them, to preview some of the wonderful things going on as part of this year’s festival and to share their views on ‘art for all’ – encouraging people who might not normally get involved, to discover art of all types, shapes and sizes!

If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check it out right here and catch their fantastic work at Venue 36, (where Rebecca is exhibiting her vibrant textile art alongside June Dobson’s ceramics, Zena Parker’s prints and Robert Parker's woodworks), at Venue 67 (where Fiona and students from Bruton School for Girls have created 50 sculptures to mark 50 years since the first manned space mission landed on the moon), at Venue 91 (more on that in a bit!) and at Venue 135 (where Paul and his fellow artists are creating a beautiful exhibition celebrating trees. As we're totally tree-obsessed, we’ll definitely be there).

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset blogger, Rebecca Bruton, Fiona Campbell, Paul Newman
Check out the work of Paul Newman. Fiona Campbell & Rebecca Bruton during the festival

And we’d love to hear about the venues you’re visiting too, so if you fancy sharing any of your Somerset Art Weeks adventures with us on Twitter and Instagram, just tag @somersetcool.

Right - let’s go! In no particular order, here are 'Six of the best' we'll be getting along to and we've thrown in some Somerset cool wildcards and more shout outs too... because let’s face it, in a festival that’s this full of fantastic work, six just isn’t enough! ;)

Our picks

1. Zig Zag Mixed Media Show

Morland Road, Beckery Island, Glastonbury, BA6 9FT

Mixed Media

Venue 113, Guide page 71

Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blogger
Bold, brave & imaginative work at the Zig Zag

You never know quite what you’re going to get when you walk in to the Zig Zag building... and that’s why we love it. From the slowly rusting machinery outside, to the colourful collective of artists downstairs (shout out to Blanka's gorgeous dog Ollie and those wonderful hats of hers), to the climb up the dusty stairs and the light-flooded, top floor space, that's filled with treasures for Art Weeks.

Somerset cool, Megan Players, Somerset art weeks,
A treasure trove of awesomeness for Art Weeks

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Art in Somerset, Somerset blog
Incredible space, incredible work

There's a great group of imaginative artists, sculptors and photographers creating magical things up there... and Megan Players portraits always paint a huge smile on my face.

Megan Players, Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks
Colourful characters, created by Megan Players

The colour, simplicity and expression is joyful and... I don't care who knows it... I absolutely want to be painted by her... one of the reasons being, I need my boobs to look like this ;).

Megan Players, Zig Zag glastonbury, Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blogger
Revealing Megan's glorious work! (See what I did there? ;))

Go, see and feel the joy of it all!

Somerset cool, Zig zag building, Somerset blog, Somerset art weeks
A unique space and collection of art for the festival. We definitely felt the joy!

Somerset cool, Megan players, Somerset art weeks
Put a smile on your face at the Zig Zag!

2. Annie’s Art Group at Number 13

Orchard End, 13 Brendon Close, Roadwater, TA23 0RG

Mixed Media

Venue 10, Guide page 9

Annie Farley had me at "We can all draw".

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Ann Farley, Somerset blog
Loving Annie's confidence & encouragement

I can often be found shouting about 'art for all' and inclusivity when it comes to creating and experiencing art, so when I saw Annie’s message in the Somerset Art Weeks guide, I just had to discover more! ;)

Somerset cool, Ann Farley, Somerset art weeks, Blogs about Somerset, Somerset blogger
The Girl who saw the Golden Oriole, by Ann Farley

When I did, I found some beautifully expressive work and a lady who builds confidence in those of us who'd love to draw, create and experiment - but just need someone to help us. And err... "refreshments in the funky garden". This we must check out! ;)

Somerset cool, Ann Farley, Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset blog
Smith and the Witch hazel by Ann Farley

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Ann Farley
The Ancient Mariner by Ann Farley

Whilst you’re in the area, how about heading to 'Art at Two Rivers Paper Mill' too? Not only is there a collection of works by local artists, Two Rivers is an historic working paper mill where you can see paper being made by hand. Awesome.

Two Rivers paper mill, Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset art weeks
Handmade and handily close by, at Venue 11

3. Clayhill Arts

Charlynch Lane, Bridgwater, TA5 2PH

Sculpture, Painting, Drawing

Venue 133, Guide page 80

Somerset cool, Clayhill Arts,  Somerset art weeks
The perfect rural art retreat

We’ve wanted to head to Clayhill Arts for a while and with SAW supported Artists Pennie Elfick, Megan Wakelam and Emma Housley exhibiting, now is definitely the perfect time to do it! The guys are developing their craft and I can't wait to see their fresh, new work in the flesh.

Emma's paintings are a riot of exciting, vibrant colour, reflecting the skies and fields of Somerset.

Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks, Emma Housley
Contemporary abstract paintings by Emma Housley

Pennie's sculptures are bold, beautiful and will be on the land and in the lake at Clayhill...

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Clayhill arts, Pennie Ellfick
Looking forward to seeing Pennie Elfick's sculpture in the lake at Clayhill

...and Megan's site-specific paintings, using handmade eco-pigments, have definitely got us intrigued.

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset blogger
Site-specific work by Megan Wakelam

See you there for a big dose of inspiration!

4. Canvas and Clay

Ellis Pottery, Trubswell, Stout Road, High Ham, TA10 9BD

Ceramics, Pottery, Painting, Printmaking

Venue 42, Guide page 24

Somerset cool, Rob Ellis pottery, Somerset Art weeks
Lots to love in High Ham this Art Weeks Festival

'Having a go' is one of the things Art Weeks is all about, right? Well, at this tucked away little Pottery, you can throw a pot on a weekend with awesome Potter, Rob Ellis...

Rob Ellis Pottery, Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Somerset blogger, Somerset blog
After I'd 'thrown' my wonky pot! Rob was an awesome & very patient teacher! ;)

Rob Ellis Pottery, Somerset cool, Somerset blogger, Somerset Art Weeks
Rob, showing us how it's done on the wheel

... and every day, you can enjoy a large selection of gorgeous Somerset pottery, displayed in a lovely studio and snug, where you can get your hands on homemade cake, tasty light bites and did we mention the cheese scones with cream cheese and chutney? We highly recommend those!

Somerset cool, Ellis pottery, Somerset art weeks, Somerset bloggers
Graeme enjoyed his time in the 'Potter's Rest' snug

And I definitely need to mention the work again. Shelves of it. Big Somerset cider mugs, sweet little trinket dishes and everything in between.

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Ellis pottery high ham, Somerset blogger
Gorgeous gifts galore at the Pottery and 'have a go' on the wheel at the weekends

Two beautiful hounds will say hello too, so there's definitely lots to love in High Ham!

Somerset cool, Somerset blogger, Somerset art weeks, Ellis pottery high ham
Resident helpers, Rusty and Fin

I've also got to mention the fab little seconds shed, so you can grab yourself a bargain.

Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks, Ellis pottery High Ham, Somerset blog
So sweet and stuffed full of seconds you'll want to take home!

Look out for Katy Armstrong's pastel paintings and lino cuts here as well. They're inspired by the Somerset landscape and it's Katy's first time exhibiting, so we really hope it's an Art Weeks to remember for her.

Somerset cool, Katy Armstrong, Somerset art weeks, Somerset bloggers
Katy's work is largely inspired by the Somerset landscape - and we might have taken some home!

5. B-Wing

Shepton Mallet Prison, Frithfield Lane, BA4 5LU

Digital media, moving image, film, sound, performance, installation, sight specific, sculpture

Venue 91, Guide page 59

Somerset cool, Scott Sandford, Lou Baker, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blog
A collaborative installation by Scott Sandford & Lou Baker in Shepton prison. Photo - Scott Sandford

Art in unusual places is something we absolutely love and if there’s someone who champions this more than artist Fiona Campbell, I’ve yet to meet them!

This festival, Fiona is co-curating a very special exhibition with Luminara Star, in the old Shepton prison. It explores incarceration, as well as other thought-provoking themes and not only are there 8 artists displaying their work in this historic space, there's also a series of brilliant events you can be a part of.

Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset art weeks, B-Wing
Panel discussions, talks, workshops & more at B-Wing this Art Weeks festival

There are writing workshops, talks, discussions and a very Special Events Day this Saturday, September 28th, featuring world-renowned writer and broadcaster, John McCarthy, who was held hostage for five years during the civil war in Lebanon. He'll be speaking at 10.30am and there'll be artist talks, poetry readings and lots more happening throughout Saturday.

You can also become one of Lou Baker's living sculptures, by trying on her wearable art... which sounds bonkers, brilliant and looks something like this!

Somerset cool, Lou Baker, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blogger
Become a living sculpture at Shepton prison! Photo by Lou Baker

The exhibition looks and sounds reflective, emotive and challenging and we can't wait to experience it. If you fancy hearing Fiona talk more about the project on our radio show, it's around 19 minutes and 40 seconds in... and do check out their website here for all the latest info.

Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks, B-Wing, Fiona Campbell artist
One of Fiona's works, suspended in B-wing. Photo by Jason King

6. Celebration Langport

Shakspeare Glass, Westover, Langport, TA10 9RB

Glass, Jewellery, Silverwork, Painting

Venue 46. Guide page 25

Somerset cool, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blogger
Beautiful glass, beautiful views at Shakspeare Glass

The art of glassblowing has always mesmerised me and Will Shakspeare is a glassblowing guru, so going to see him do his thing in the studio is a real privilege.

Somerset cool, Somerset Art weeks, Shakespeare glass
Will's glassblowing experience and skill is second to none

You can pop in any time during Art Weeks, and the guys have just launched a beautiful new range of glass lampshades too.

Look out for the 'slow blow' on Saturday 5th October at 11am though, when Will and ace assistant Johnny, will slow down the process before your very eyes, so you can see exactly what it takes to create the unique glassware they make.

Somerset cool, Shakespeare glass, Somerset blog, Somerset art weeks
Join Will & Johnny for glassblowing in slow motion, on Saturday 5th October at 11am

I went over to meet them just before the launch of Art Weeks, had a little go myself and let me tell you, Will makes it look beautifully effortless. It's actually anything but, and I was blown away (no pun intended ;)) by his skill.

Somerset cool, Shakespeare glass, Somerset art weeks, Somerset blog
Will's got skills... that's for sure!

Somerset cool, Glassblowing in Somerset, Somerset blogger, Jenna from Somerset cool, Somerset Art Weeks
Me, on the other hand.... ;)

So, if you want to see what it really involves, head over to their riverside studio in Langport for coffee, cake and there's a selection of other fantastic work from local artists too. We particularly love Heidi Warr's ceramics and Heidi will be doing a demo from midday on the 5th as well.

Somerset cool, Heidi Warr ceramics, Somerset art weeks
Beautiful 'geometric web' vase by Heidi Warr

The Somerset cool wildcards

1. Mark Pickthall

Bord Hall Studio, Bruton, BA10 0AT


Venue 68. Guide page 33.