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Somerset Apple Day - Four Thoughts

OK... we've got a shed load of apples in our garden. And we want to learn how to press and make juice out of them. And we'd love to try some gorgeous artisan cider. And eat cheese (mmmm cheese), so there's only one place we're going to be next Sunday. That's at The Great Somerset Apple Day at The Silk Mill Studios & Gallery in Frome!

Also, as we love the sound of it, we thought we'd break with tradition by doing a Four Thoughts interview ON A SUNDAY! (I know!!). We spoke to Dan Heath, brains behind The Cider Box and the day itself, to ask him some quick questions about what we can all expect at this cool celebration of apples. 

1. Hello Dan! Can you tell us a little bit about Somerset Apple Day?


Yes! It's a celebration of Somerset's finest export - the apple. We have talks from cidermakers, cider Vs cheese tasting sessions, apple-themed craft workshops, face painting and of course a free apple press for anyone to bring their apples to... and leave with a bottle of their own juice! 

2. Sounds ace! So... what are you looking forward to most about the day?

Allsorts! The cheese. The cider. Seeing people of all ages engaging with our beloved fruit - juicing it, blending it, drinking it. The cheese. The Northern Soul soundsystem. And the cheese.

3. Can you stop making us think about cheese for a second and tell us about the idea behind The Cider Box?

Yes. It started as a crusade, against poorly made, industrially produced drinks masquerading as 'cider' - going to landlords and drinkers and showing them that there is an alternative to the mass-produced nonsense. I grew up surrounded by apples and orchards in Somerset, so apples are in my heart. We supply real cider from artisan producers and are leaders of the Real Cider Movement! 

4. Awesome! We always end on this question, so can you tell us a secret about Somerset Apple Day or The Cider Box that no-one else knows :) 

The password 'SOMERSETCOOL' gets a free shot of cider brandy, or apple juice at The Great Somerset Apple Day!  

WOAH! That secret's made us pretty happy. A secret Somerset cool password - woo hoo :) All we want to say now is come to the Silk Mill next Sunday, say Somerset cool and drink up some lovely appleness with us! YEAH!! 


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