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Picture Somerset - A photographic celebration of the county

Updated: May 15, 2018

Do you photograph Somerset professionally, just for the sheer love of it, or both? :)  

Have you got some awesome shots of our stunning county that you'd like to share with a wider audience in a gallery setting? 

If you have, then here's an opportunity to grab with both hands... because to celebrate Somerset Day on May 11th, we're curating a photography exhibition with Somerset artist Donna Vale, at her lovely gallery 'For Every Cloud' in Langport. Donna recently completed a commission for Westminster Abbey and you could say we're pretty excited to be creating this exhibition with someone who's full to the brim with creative talent and has the same passion for Somerset as we do. 

Anyway, the 'Picture Somerset' exhibition will run from May 11th to June 8th, and it will feature your photographs, to create a picture of our fantastic county from your unique perspectives. We're looking for photos that capture the heart of Somerset - the breathtaking beauty and personality, as well as pictures that show Somerset's creative, cool and quirky side. It could be anything from a stunning sunrise over Glastonbury Tor, to your Springer Spaniel playing in a summer field!  We'd love to see the landscapes, the people, the wildlife, the colours - the scenes that bring Somerset to life for you and for everyone who will visit the exhibition over the course of four weeks. 

For over a year here on Somerset cool, we've been showcasing your photos in our 'Picture of the week' feature and here's a selection of some of the fantastic captures we've shared so far: 

Feeling inspired? Well, if you're keen to be included in the Picture Somerset exhibition, here's what you need to know: 

1. You can submit your photographs by tagging us on social media (use #somersetcool and/or #picturesomerset) or by emailing your photos to us at - the deadline for submissions is April 8th.


2. We're looking for photos in two categories:

a)  High resolution images that, if selected, you can print, mount, frame and send to us in A3 (total frame size). 

b) Pictures taken on your mobile phone that, if selected, you can print out at 4''x 6'', and pop in the post to us, along with a white mount.


3. Space in the exhibition is limited and once we've made the final selection, we'll be in touch about framing and sending the photos to the gallery for hanging.  

4. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase your framed photographs, throughout the exhibition.  

To celebrate Somerset Day last year, we blogged about some of the people taking great photos of Somerset - and their brilliant captures. This year, it'll be amazing to take it to another level and showcase your work in the flesh! 

Roll on May 11th and the launch of Picture Somerset!  

P.S. There'll be a launch event on May 11th from 7-9pm at For Every Cloud, so get that in your diaries! :) 

Credits for the photos featured in the photo collages in this little blog (from top to bottom, starting at collage 1):

1. Nicola, @meyouandmagoo. 2. Zoe Cox @zcuk. 3. Laurence Douglas-Greene @ldg_photography. 4. Kris Avery @kris.avery. 5. Paul Aston @paulastonphotography. 6. Salli-Louise @sallilouise 7. John Spurr 8. Kev Pearson 9. Rich Wiltshire @rich_wiltshire_photography 10. Danny Burlingham @danny_burlingham_gardener 11. @whoisbenjamin 12. Polly @Pollyspics 13.Simon Billing @simonbillingphoto 14, Zoe Cox @zcuk 15. Liz @lizsark 16 Mel Marshall @blackberry_stone 


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