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Nominate your Somerset Gem

This week, we're marking six years of Somerset cool! Can you believe it? Six years since that very first blog about The Talbot Inn in Mells (which is still awesome of course).

It's been an exciting six years, lots has evolved during that time and there's lots more to come too... but for now, to celebrate six years of Somerset cool, we also want to celebrate the independent Somerset businesses, creatives, makers and producers you love.

So now, you can nominate your favourites, your 'Somerset Gems'... the ones you believe offer something truly unique in the county. We'll then celebrate six of them, right here on Somerset cool, throughout 2022, either on the blog or on the radio show.

And, they'll be part of the very first selection of 'Somerset cool gems' - the ones you've voted to give support to because to you, they genuinely stand apart.

It's a Somerset cool awards if you like, but not the traditional kind! And, like the blog, it'll grow and develop over the coming years too.

To get involved, simply send us a message here, or you can email Jenna directly -

Who will get your vote?


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