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Matt's Kitchen... our favourite place!

Happy. Full. A bit tipsy. It’s how we want to feel when we’ve just left our favourite restaurant… and Matt’s Kitchen in Bruton became exactly that on Wednesday. Well when you know, you just know!

For us, it’s a unique little place that gets everything we love about eating out absolutely spot on:

1. A casual, effortless atmosphere

We didn’t know what to expect behind the door of Matt’s. He’s got the 5-year celebratory window going on (for being open 5 years), and you can’t really see inside from the outside… so if you’ve not been before, the interior is a bit of a secret! 

As soon as you walk in though, you feel totally at home - in his home! Yep... Matt’s kitchen is in his house. You sit in what used to be his lounge; a cosy, cool space with bright blue walls, character beams and a handful of candlelit tables with chairs that don’t match. It’s full of personality with pictures, books and things Matt's collected dotted about the place - and in a full-up dining room (of about 20 or so people) on a Wednesday night in March, there was a really happy buzz. It’s intimate and there’s no pretence… so it's a bit of a joy really. I heard the couple next to us say:

“We’re so lucky to have this round the corner from us, aren’t we?”

... and ain’t that the truth!

2. A relaxed host and chef

Of course that’s Matt – he’s bloody great. He’s genuinely happy you’ve come to his house to try the ‘dish of the day’ he’s created. Matt cooks one main course, several starter options and some pretty naughty puddings! He talks you through the menu with a bit of a glint in his eye and the passion of someone who’s excited by what he does – so we felt excited to see what his food would be like. We weren’t disappointed!

3. Some great grub!

Quite simply, we had some awesome food. I’m a weirdo that can’t eat lemon and I don’t eat meat, so Matt tailored the dish of the day and the starters to make sure there was stuff for me to enjoy. And enjoy it I did… some very tasty mackerel pâté to kick things off and as it was my birthday, there was a candle in it! Loved that. A cool surprise at the beginning, rather than that sometimes awkward moment when you wait for your pudding and hope no-one’s going to sing Happy Birthday in your face!

Anyway, Graeme had the wild mushrooms and they were creamy heaven - that’s a technical foodie term. YES. IT IS... so don't argue!! :)

The dish of the day was smoked cod with tarragon crumbs and wasabi cream on a colcannon of potato, kale, spinach and spring onion. It could be my dish of the day every day to be honest. It was absolutely gorgeous ... chunks of melt in the mouth cod, hunks of potato and fantastic flavours that left me wanting more, even though I was completely full!

Which brings us to pudding. If you haven’t left room for pud when you go there, have it anyway!!  We just couldn’t miss out on some seriously good chocolate torte and a chocolate bread and butter pudding that you’d fight the person sitting next to you for! Surely there’s no better compliment than that?

One other thing to mention is that it’s bring your own wine - so don’t forget! And you'll need cash - so don't forget! And make sure you book :)

Our review in 3 words (sorry there’s 2 versions today, just to confuse everything).

The first:

Relaxed. Exciting. Unique.

The second:

Our favourite place.

But the point is, go there! You’ll love it. That's a promise. And look at us... do we look like the sort of people that make promises we can't keep? :)


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