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Matt's Kitchen - Four Thoughts

On Wednesday we ate in Matt’s Kitchen in Bruton. It was ace. Cracking food. Great, relaxed atmosphere. It’ll be on the blog soon.

To whet your appetite though (don’t worry - we’re not going to start dropping in tons of food refs/puns everywhere), we asked Matt four quick questions we thought you’d love to know the answers to. Here's what he had to say:

1. How did Matt's Kitchen start up?

It was my (now) wife, Isabel’s idea. I was looking to have something more permanent after meeting her (I was offered a chefs job in Australia and was toying with selling up) and she came up with the plan. Really couldn’t have done it without her.

2. What's been your most memorable night in your kitchen?!

One lady changed her dress in the middle of the restaurant at a private function because she wasn’t happy with what she was wearing. I only found out because I found her bra on my foot.

3. Everyone has a signature dish. Ours is boring but we bet yours isn't! So...what's your absolute favourite dish to cook?

Salt beef Royale. Sourdough smeared with beef dripping and pan-fried - then you have two bits of white pudding, a melty salt beef mixture and it’s topped off with wild mushrooms, double cream and truffle oil. Heart attack on a plate!

4. Tell us a secret about you or Matt's Kitchen that no-one else knows

It’s not a massive secret, but I have an E in Home Economics (and no training). Also, I think my cat is the best fed in Bruton.

We wouldn’t argue with that!

Matt’s Kitchen is open for Supper on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - it's available for private functions on Saturday. And did we mention, it’s coming to the blog soon?! IT IS!!


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