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Kitchen at the Wharf and a Langport walk

Updated: May 15, 2018

It’s official! :) Kitchen at The Wharf in Langport has just become our favourite dog friendly place for a lunchtime bite to eat, a gorgeous coffee and an even more gorgeous slice of homemade cake! Even if we didn’t have Petal (our pup), we’d go there regularly anyway - and it’s not difficult to see why.

The café’s home is in the Warehouse at Great Bow Wharf, on the banks of the River Parrett. Originally built as a trading base for salt and corn, this awesome building has been beautifully restored - and Kitchen at The Wharf has created an ace ‘rustic chic’ space that’s big and bright - with a warm, welcoming, chilled out feel to it.

We instantly felt at home and that goes double for doggies! To be honest, it’s pretty rare to find a cool gem of a café that genuinely loves all four-legged friends, but here there’s a doggie welcome sign on the way in, tasty treats for sale and Petal got tons of fuss from staff and customers alike... so she was over the woofing moon! :) (There’s also a fantastic pet shop on Bow Street, if you want to stock up on puppy treats beforehand).

Anyway, on the inside the café's filled with well-loved, mismatched tables and chairs, cool ceiling hangings, exposed beams, an open area for cooking and huge windows overlooking the riverbank garden. It’s also lovely sitting out there on a sunshiney day, with the river running by.

There’s some eye catching wall art and a few select pieces from local makers for sale, if you fancy a look.

And what about the fab little secret area tucked away in one corner, with comfy ‘sink-in-to’ sofa’s and a sign that beckons you in? We could happily spend a few hours curled up in there, relaxing and chomping our way through the cake selection! 

Talking of eating (and drinking), the menu is just how we like it – not massive but something lush for everyone, including some great options for veggies and vegans. Whoop!

The focus here is on simple, local, freshly 'made-on-the-premises', tasty food that definitely hits the lunchtime spot. We happily tucked in to 'Warm Somerset Brie with Spiced Red Onion Chutney on a Sourdough Roll', 'Aubergine and Potato Parmigiana with Seasonal Slaw and Side Salad', a bit of our favourite Harry’s cider, followed by coffees and cake … and before I forget, the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake is to die for. COR!!! Can cake home delivery become a thing please?! :)

Anyway, the café’s open from 9.30-3, seven days a week and in our humble opinion it’s definitely worth trying (and visiting again and again and again) - and did I mention the CAKE? :) 

Our review in 3 words (yeah we used that hypen trick again!) – doggie-friendly riverside haven :) 

Now, whilst you’re there you'd be missing out if you didn't have a little wander round Langport. Recently voted Best Village High Street Runner Up in the Great British High Street Awards 2016, Bow Street’s filled with independent gems and has a vibrant community spirit.

Our faves (as well as The Pet Shop) are lovely deli The Langport Stores, Eustace and Arthur for quirky gifts, Kitchen (the bakery shop relation of Kitchen at The Wharf ) and For Every Cloud, for a creative workshop, art exhibition or cool birthday card.  Shakspeare glass is on the riverbank too and for all things Somerset willow, there's the Levels Basket Centre. As a testament to the spirit I mentioned, the old Angel pub has been bought by the church and a café is held there several times a week - aiming to create a welcoming and accepting space for the Langport community. 

And now comes our own confession! We've got to admit that although we'd been to Langport a few times before writing this, and although it's in the heart of the Somerset Levels, we hadn't realised that if you cross a quirky bridge running parallel to Bow street (head out through the back of the main car park, or take the next left after the Kitchen at the Wharf) you hit what feels like another world. This world!

It's seconds away and a real contrast to Bow Street. There's a great walk for dogs, or if you simply want to stroll and find a quiet spot to sit, think and look out over the water and wildlife, it's perfect for that.  

All in all, for a cool taste of the best of both worlds Langport, a walk by the River and a bite to eat in The Kitchen at The Wharf gets our vote!


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