Into the Yonder – the magic of Dimpsey Glamping

Photo credit: Ben Carpenter Photography

There’s something incredibly special about being snuggled up on a cold night, in front of a roaring fire, when you can hear the wind whistling through the trees outside... and there’s something even more wonderful about knowing your other half is out there checking the temperature of the Scandinavian hot tub, so you can both jump in it, have a glass of something fizzy and watch the stars shining in the Somerset night sky! ;)

Well, if this sounds like your cup of tea/glass of bubbles too, you’ll definitely want to discover more about the Yonder Shepherd’s Hut at Dimpsey Glamping. It’s a stunning Somerset escape, hidden away in the rolling Blackdown Hills and I’m betting you’ll fall in love with it over and over again, whatever time of year you stay... we certainly do when we head here for a mini overnight adventure.

Sunsets, head torches at the ready & a glass of fizz for the hot tub - an awesome Dimpsey adventure

Arriving after the sun has set, we drive down the farmhouse lane until we spot our home for the night. It’s surrounded by hanging lights that twinkle in the breeze and before we’re even out of the car, I get goosebumps. We’ve been to Dimpsey before you see, years ago when there was only one hut (now named Hither), so I know just what kind of experience hosts Emma and Andrew will have created in their newest addition. On stepping into it though, it’s even more magical than I imagined.

Yonder is definitely no ordinary stay away. For a start, it’s a double... two Shepherd's Huts joined together with an interior walkway to form one bigger, beautiful space.

Brace yourself... it's a double & it's the stuff of Glamping dreams

It makes us fantasise about living in the middle of nowhere in a Blackdown Brace Hut, like Yonder, later on in our lives because to be honest, it's got absolutely everything you’d need for a stripped back way of life - with all the creature comforts you could want too. In fact, Emma says that ‘Indulgent wild’ was their aim when they decided to add another Shepherd's Hut to the Dimpsey experience and they’ve certainly captured that spirit perfectly.

Photo credit: Ben Carpenter Photography

On the indulgent side, there’s a gorgeous kitchen diner (check out the lighting), the roaring log burner and a perfectly formed shower room in the hut, complete with sink and loo and when we walk into the bedroom (or 'the boudoir' as Dimpsey call it), that’s when I really swoon! The freestanding double bed is backed by the most beautiful bohemian wall mural.

Photo credit: Ben Carpenter Photography

The swirling flowers, calming greens and teals tempt you to relax for just a moment longer... and opposite the bed is one of the bits of Yonder I love the best. The copper William Holland slipper bath is perfect for long, bubble-filled soaks with a favourite book. Bliss!

Rewind & take time to catch up on a bit of bathtime reading

Yonder’s wild side comes from the outdoors. The hut is nestled in its own small copse, surrounded by beautiful old trees and lush green fields...

Scenic countryside through the trees...

...and a calming view from the hot tub

... and when Andrew pops over to show us how to fire up the hot tub, he explains that when he and Emma first looked round the land before making it their own, they knew that the part where Yonder now sits was something very special.

“It’s always been a magical spot down here”, he says. “When we first came to view it we spotted deer playing in the fields and it was just wonderful to see. They’re still here now and make it the perfect escape”.

Well, after hearing this, we cross our fingers and hope we might spot a deer when the sun comes up. For now though, it’s star spotting in the hot tub for us, after a light dinner in front of the fire and a piece of delicious homemade cake that’s been left out for us to enjoy.

Fires inside & out, cake, fizz & stargazing from the hot tub - now that's what we call a perfect evening

Talking of stars, when we climb into bed we spot another little detail that has me saying over and over again “wow I just love this". Pull back the blind over the bed and built into the roof is a curved glass panel, perfect for stargazing with your head on the pillow. Thousands of stars shine in the night sky as we cuddle up and chat... and falling asleep under them really is the stuff of dreams.

Pull back the blind over the bed to reveal the glass panel...

...and gaze at a Somerset sky full of stars

When we wake up, I’m a bit like a kid at Christmas and just can’t wait to fling open the doors and see the hut in the early morning light. Pulling on our wellies, we head out in our PJ’s to breathe in the Somerset air and set about exploring... after popping the kettle on of course!

The first cup of the day

Yonder in the early morning light

Pyjama explorers

Early morning - Dimpsey style!

Relaxing in the tree swing, letting any worries just fade away and having a cuppa while I do it is just the tonic and that’s what it’s really all about here ... time for you. Time to sit in the still of the morning, feel the connection to the countryside surrounding you, relax and rejuvenate...

Space & time to think and reflect

...and of course, there’s always time for just one more hot tub!

Hot tub heaven

The real magic of Dimpsey doesn’t let us down this morning either, because as we’re out exploring we see a flash of movement... and yes, you’ve guessed it. The deer that Andrew told us about last night, have come out to play in the distance.

Thank you Dimpsey. You've blown our worries away and we’ll definitely be back for another trip into the wild green yonder.

For more info about the Yonder and Hither huts, check out Dimpsey Glamping at and you can follow Dimpsey on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for inviting us to check out the perfect gateway to Somerset, Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast as well.

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