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Very happy glamping - a magical stay at Dimpsey

Updated: May 15, 2018

At the end of a track past a beautiful farmhouse, a family of Zwartble sheep and a cheeky goose called George, you’ll find Dimpsey - an incredibly special hideaway with a unique boutique feel. 

Tucked away amongst the green trees and rolling Blackdown Hills near Chard, Dimpsey’s a Shepherds Hut with a difference. Put it this way, it’s not your run-of-the-mill glamping experience! This luxury bespoke oak retreat is complete with beautiful shower room, custom-made beds, fire pit, outdoor cooking oven and a newly installed wood burning hot tub. So, if you’re looking for outdoor adventure without compromising on comfort, you’ll absolutely love Dimpsey (Blog plot spoiler, we definitely did!).

We discovered that owner Emma’s original idea - the lightbulb moment for Dimpsey six years ago - was to create “Babington in a field”. She’s done far more than that, to be honest. Dimpsey’s choc-full of character and the distinctive personality of the hut is down to Emma's genuine love for this “little slice of relaxation”,  as she puts it. 

It’s also down to her awesome eye for detail. Who’d have thought a Shepherds Hut would have ‘Hot Chocolate Corner’, a book of Cabin Porn (wash your mind out... it’s about awesome outdoor retreats!!), a beautiful 'welcome' tea tray complete with edible sheep and a collection of cottage-shaped teapots! It kinda made my heart sing! :)

Emma also told me (with a twinkle in her eye) that she was a big fan of The Faraway Tree books when she was little. I loved those books too and for those of you who missed out, Enid Blyton’s stories tell of an assortment of lands at the top of a magical tree - lands that change when the clouds swirl, so the children who climb up the tree never know what they’ll experience next! Guess what? Emma does the same with Dimspey. Well, she changes the theme of the hut anyway! Not completely... it’s just discreet little touches that definitely make the place that little bit special. Last Christmas, there was a selection of Christmas decorations for guests who wanted to give Dimspey the festive feel. Next up it’s ‘Festival land’, in honour of Glastonbury, so watch out for some cool vinyl and an invite to make and upload Dimpsey Spotify playlists. 

When we stayed, we were in the land of cosy chic. It was cushions galore, natural fabrics and something else we love to bits - the selection of local produce Emma leaves in the hut for guests to fill their (welly) boots! Miles tea, local coffee and the homemade brownies were the absolute business. We put the old-style tin kettle on the stove and sat in the hut’s private outdoor entertaining area, for a little Somerset Day celebration of our very own (well, Hugh the Lama and Kitty the very friendly cat got a bit of a look in too!). 

For us, Dimpsey was the perfect place to celebrate Somerset Day as it includes a little bit of everything we love about this awesome county… creativity, friendliness, fun, beauty, oodles of space and an unlimited supply of gorgeous fresh air! 

And it doesn’t stop there.

Emma’s got some very Somerset cool plans for the future - turning the original Shepherds Hut that featured in the film Far From the Madding Crowd in to a cinema, tea room and pop up pizzeria no less! We had a little nosey inside and what huge potential it has (as well as Carey Mulligan’s signature on the wall). We just can’t wait to see what Emma magics up in here.

Dimpsey’s also a great base for exploring Somerset and although we only made it to the local pub, it was an ace one for a quality bite to eat! If you fancy a change from barbecuing the homemade sausages and burgers you can get back at the hut, The Candlelight Inn is at the heart of the small village of Bishopswood, about 5 minutes away.

This dog friendly pub serves gravity pulled beer, local ciders and a cracking selection of lovely food. It's also got a fantastic local reputation, as well as giving a genuinely warm welcome to visitors and regulars. We overheard a couple chatting about whether to try a different gastro pub... “why change though, when we love it here so much”. That’s definitely a hardcore fanbase!  

Anyway, after pottering back from the pub in the half light (Dimpsey means half light by the way), we sat outside in the evening air with the classical sounds from the mini Roberts radio carrying across the fields (and probably to Hugh the Lama). We sighed a massive sigh of contentment. What a retreat. What a truly lovely spot to escape to and in the morning, after a fab night’s sleep, we cooked up a treat of a breakfast. I say we, it was really Graeme - fresh eggs from the Dimpsey hens, tomatoes grown in the grounds, toast and tea. That’s when I noticed the teapot. “Old friends are best” it said… well, new friends aren’t bad either and we definitely made some at the faraway magical place that is Dimpsey. 

Our review in three words: No ordinary hut!

Stay there. You’ll love it. 

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