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Give peace a chance

That’s all we are saying… well actually, that’s all The Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival are saying at lunchtime tomorrow (Thursday 22nd June). They’re inviting everyone who’s at Glasto to head to the Stone Circle in Kings Meadow at noon, to create the biggest ever human peace sign – and we do mean ever ever EVER!

The record at the moment stands at 5,814 people and hopefully Glastonbury will break that bad boy and send a message of peace to the world.  Being honest, we could all do with a bit of that right now. The idea behind making the sign is to show free thinkers standing united, saying we’re all in this together and that everyone has a voice.  Now if that’s not a cool idea, we don’t know what is!

If you’re not at Glastonbury, or you haven’t been to the festival, The Green Fields is a space for sanctuary... a real area for positive thinking on the site. The idea is that the music, events and discussion groups found here focus on people being genuinely united.

As well as the stone circle (the most sacred area on the site), it’s also home to the Peace Dome where an eternal flame burns that was lit in 1945 from the fires of Hiroshima. There's also the Tipi Field - an area that celebrates different cultures - and there’s even a Kids Green Field, where children can get inspired and run free too!  

Beth Llewellyn is organiser of the Peace Garden in the Green Fields, a space designed for appreciating and thinking about how awesome and beautiful nature is. She told the Festival that the human peace sign is really all about people showing that love is what unites us, rather than peace being threatened by the few... and we can’t wait to see the sign, so if you’re there tomorrow, go go go and be part of something special.  If you are and you take any pictures, we’d love to see them - so please tag us on Instagram or Twitter with #somersetcool or @somersetcool.

And spread the word too. It’d be great to see that record broken in true Glastonbury style.

P.S. Also, don’t melt in the heat ;) A sentence I never thought I’d be writing after last year’s torrential rain/mud bath!

Update: The record was broken with around 15,000 people joining in. Way to go Glasto!

Photograph: Andy Eliot/PA


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