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A pebble update

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

I can't believe a week’s already gone by since Valentine’s! If you've been following us on Twitter you'll know we spent ours driving around the beaches of Somerset, trying to find the right spot to leave Mark’s pebble art for someone to find, after chatting to Ida & Johnny about it on the Frome FM breakfast show the day before. 

You might think that driving around in a white van (still on loan from our house move) with a big supply of Quavers wasn't the most romantic way to spend the day, but hey... I love Quavers & got quite fond of that van!! And, more importantly, at about 4.45pm we pulled in to Blue Anchor Bay. It was simply beautiful - a huge stretch of sand & pebbles, surrounded by alabaster rocks & cliffs - & I knew straight away we'd finally found the perfect place to make the drop! 

I don’t know about anchors, but the sky was the most vivid blue I’ve ever seen & although it was bitingly cold, there were still some brave, warmly wrapped-up souls out there on the beach - a few hand-in-hand & a few more walking their dogs. We went down on to the shore & decided where we'd leave ‘the little rock of I love you’. It was somewhere people could see it if they only looked.

And so we watched. We watched from a distance as a family walked right by it. They were so close I wanted to shout out… & if they’d have just glanced down for a split second, they’d have caught a heart shape blinking up at them from the sand. But they didn’t. It was just as Mark had said - often people don’t really notice what's right there in front of them.

Next, a couple strolled by & bearing in mind it was Valentine’s (& they looked like they didn’t want to kill each other!) I started thinking about how awesome it would be for the girl to see the pebble, pick it up sneakily, hide it behind her back & present it (with a bit of a romantic flourish) to her husband, boyfriend, lover (or whoever he was). But it wasn't to be. Again they looked, but they didn’t see.

Ever since then, I’ve been wondering. I've been wondering if anyone did see; if anyone did spot the little love message set in stone & what the story behind their discovery could’ve been. So here’s a little plea from me to you - if anyone was in Blue Anchor Bay last week & picked up Mark’s pebble, I’d love to know about it! If you found it or know who did, give me a shout right this minute! :) 


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