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A magical Forest Feast

We’re always on the lookout for unique things happening in Somerset, so when we heard about a feast being organised in a secret forest location somewhere near Frome, you could say our attention was caught! ;) We wanted to find out more about it, so we did some detective work and had a little chat with Maddy Brodrick, organiser of the mysterious and magical dinner with a difference!

Here are her Forest Feast ‘Four Thoughts’ about what promises to be an evening full of surprises, on August 19th.

1. Why did you decide to hold the Forest Feast?

The idea behind the feast is to give our guests the opportunity to experience a luxurious five-course foraged banquet and know exactly where all the food has come from, whilst also learning about the natural ingredients you can find anywhere - if you know how and where to look. All profits from the feast go to The Woodland Trust and by supporting them, and focusing on ethical eating, we’re aiming to raise awareness about how you can change your way of living to better the environment and help protect and restore the woodlands that are so important to the wellbeing of everything living on the planet.

The company I’ve started up, Amala Events, creates immersive experiences like the Forest Feast, so that people feel inspired to be creative, to enjoy themselves, and to be educated in a fully indulgent way... supporting some amazing causes we really care about.

2. Can you give us a little bit of an idea about what people can expect on the night?

Expect to be fully captivated by what we have to offer! :) We’ve designed the whole evening to be a sensory explosion. WonkyDog Productions will be gracing the space with their incredible decor and design skills, there’ll be performances from fire and tree aerialists the Whispering Wood Folk, and our musicians will be a spectacle to remember.

There'll be some beautiful costumes, with a woodland twist of course, and all I can say about the feast itself is that you’ll be desperate to try more of what nature has to offer you. Designed by the incredible Mama Xanadu & Pollen Room, these ladies will give you the opportunity to taste things you’ve never experienced before. There’s also an After-Feast Party in the forest for those who want to continue the fun... and if you’d like to pitch your tent under the stars, that’s cool too!

3. If you could have anyone round the table for a magical dinner party, who would you choose and why?

Probably Bjork. Her costumes and stunning headdresses, paired with incredible music, make her one of the most interesting people to me. I’d love to see her taste our food and drink in full costume - and I'm sure she’d make excellent conversation!

4. Tell us a secret about the Forest Feast that no-one else knows! :) 

Ahhhh... they wouldn't be secrets if we told you! But we will say you'll be partying with the oldest living organisms on earth and to celebrate, we’d like to offer everyone who buys their tickets with the promo code SOMERSETCOOL a free drink from our wonderful mixologist, Anya Montague

Ooh – we love it when people we chat to throw in a little Somerset cool bonus :) 

Well, this has certainly tantilisated our taste buds and got our imagination working overtime! Sounds like a unique night to remember and if you’re interested in the feast, you can find out more info here or buy your tickets right here.

Here’s to a truly magical evening in the forest!


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