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YOUR ART HERE - Ace postcards at ACEarts

We love postcards. There’s something very special about them isn’t there? We have some Somerset cool ones of our own that we leave in cool places around the county...

...and the excitement I felt when I was little, as postcards used to drop through the letter box bringing news of holidaying friends (that had sometimes already returned from their travels), has never really left me. Our eyes tend to light up when anyone mentions anything to do with them and for us, they’re the perfect bite-sized way to send a meaningful message or to let someone know you’re thinking of them :).

So, when we heard about ACEarts postcard project – YOUR ART HERE - we just wanted to share the story quickly and see if you fancy getting involved!

Basically, the lovely charity and Somerton-based gallery is inviting artists, designers and makers to produce a postcard (148mm x 105mm) and donate it to their postcard exhibition. All the works will then be sold during Somerset Art Weeks (23rd September – 8th October 2017) with the funds going to support outreach projects the gallery will be involved with next year. 

To give you a feel for the sorts of projects ACE has funded this year, they’ve included art projects at King Ina Academy and Wessex House Nursing Home, an emerging artist’s 6 week residency at Dove arts in Butleigh, a Dementia Friends initiative in Somerton has been started and the gallery supports 120 artists by selling original unique works in their gallery shop - as well as hosting some brilliant artist exhibitions all year round. 

Put the 22nd September in your calendar too (6-8pm), because that's the evening the gallery is having the YOUR ART HERE launch event. All the postcards created will be on display, so you can see them all together and snap up any favourites.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the ones submitted so far…

Sound good? Well if you fancy getting involved and making a postcard, you need to do it pretty sharpish :) The deadline for entries is September 5th – and don’t forget to sign and print your name on the back – and, whether you’re submitting a card or not, join us on September 22nd for the launch. We’ll be the ones getting very 'postcard excited' in the corner!! Yep. 'Postcard excited' is absolutely a real thing that I didn't just make up! ;)

P.S. Did you know that as well as clearly being ace, the ACE in ACEarts stands for

 ‘Art Care Education’? Me neither – but now we do and we’re all for a bit of Art, Care and Education… and postcards. Yes!! Postcards ;)

Once created, send your completed postcard to ACEarts, Market Place, Somerton, TA11 7NB. The gallery reserves the right not to display donated artworks.


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