The Junkyard Rabbit - Four Thoughts

It's about time we had another 'Four Thoughts' don't you reckon? The time when we interview someone ace and ask them four questions we think you'd love to know the answers to?

Well, we're really excited about this one because we've been chatting to Laura New, the brilliant creative behind The Junkyard Rabbit - a virtual shop filled to the brim with colour and dinosaurs and cool toys and retro figures that have been given a completely new look... and that look is RAAAWesome! (see what we did there? :))

We spotted Laura at The Frome Independent Market and here's what she had to say when we caught up with her this week...

1. Can you tell us a little bit about The Junkyard Rabbit, how you got started and why dinosaurs? :)

The Junkyard Rabbit is a fairly new venture and it was born from making a Christmas gift for my partner, which was the first ‘Dino lamp’ I ever made.

Other people saw it and wanted one too, so I ended up making quite a few! I then started making the planters and dinosaur necklaces and I think it’s the nostalgic aspect that makes them so popular.

I make other things with the same retro vibe when I find them in my car boot rummages and so I’ve made things out of R2D2 toys and tiny Daleks, as well as the old-style trolls.

I’m currently working on what to do with some My Little Ponies (the 80’s kind, not the weird part human hybrids of today!). I like giving old toys a slightly more grown up job to do.

2. What's it like being a part of The Frome Independent Market?

Excellent! It's so well-organised and they are a really lovely bunch of people. I have to say though that my very favourite thing every month is dog spotting. People in and around Frome have a vast variety of very lovely doggos and I always want to pat all of them.

3. What inspires you to make and which is your favourite dino?

I’m an artist and illustrator; and so I'm always trying to create things.

Whilst my drawings have a little more of a macabre and moral twist, Junkyard is all about fun, colour and novelty. There are some dinosaurs starting to appear in my drawings too now, so they're definitely influencing my work... as well as filling up my house!

I’m partial to a Triceratops myself, but I also love a Brachiosaurus. I’m definitely more of a ‘Veggiesaurus’ fan.

4. Tell us a secret about The Junkyard Rabbit that no-one else knows

No rabbits have been involved in The Junkyard Rabbit yet. Watch this space though! :)

Well, we can't wait to see what Laura does with My Little Ponies (I had a collection - don't tell anyone!! ;)) and rabbits and all the other retro things she finds. If you need some of this in your life (and quite frankly who doesn't!!) check out It's the flipping best!

Our dino planter is winging his way to us as I type... and we can't wait to get him settled in to his new home.

We think we might become collectors of all things Junkyard Rabbit. How about you? :)

You also can find Laura at the next Frome Independent Market on July 1st and can follow The Junkyard Rabbit's adventures on instagram. RAAAAAWWW (that was our best dinosaur impression!) :)

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