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Sisi & May - Four Thoughts

Updated: 6 days ago

UPDATE: Sadly, Sisi and May is now permanently closed.

One of our first ever blogs was a coffee shop crawl around beautiful Bath. Our minds were meant to be firmly on coffee (and they pretty much were) but opposite Café Lucca on Bartlett Street, I got a tiny bit distracted by a gorgeous little boutique called Sisi & May. OK. I went off the coffee rails temporarily and bought a jumper I saw in the window, but if you're in Bath pop in. You'll see why I had to!

The store was featured in the Sunday Telegraph, as one of their top 50 Boutiques. It's a fab little place and because it is, this week's answers to our four questions come from boutique owner, Emma Mandell-Lynn. Woo hoo!

1. How did Sisi & May come about?

Sisi & May came from the heart really - a store to feel relaxed in; somewhere to enjoy beautiful things. I wanted to create a haven for unusual, hard-to-find labels from around the world too. My own style is relaxed and leaning towards the bohemian vibe, yet remaining stylish and cool... so I wanted to reflect that.

2. What's your absolute favourite piece in the shop right now?

I honestly love everything! If I had to choose though, I love wearing a new label at the shop -  PK Berry - my Nancy Top (pictured below) with a cream leather jacket. There are too many great looks to choose from though. The Cashmere is luscious and the Onjenu dresses are fab as well!

3.  If you could dress a fashion icon at Sisi & May, who would it be & why?

One of my fashion icons is Bianca Jagger, in her 70’s Studio 54 days. I'd love to dress her because I love women who look stylish and sexy, tough yet not hard - a big difference there.

4. Tell us a secret about Sisi & May that no-one else knows!

Sisi & May is named after my beautiful daughter, Sienna May. If people know that already, I guess the biggest secret is that although it's hard having your own business, I absolutely love what I do. When it's a part of you and your personality, it's like having another limb!!

There's no doubt that Emma has put her all in to Sisi & May... and it definitely shows. Check out the store in the flesh, or follow the boutique on Twitter


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