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Radio highlights - Charlie Connelly

Over the past two weeks it's been all about BBC Radio Somerset for me, and I've had some fantastic conversations with a whole host of guests. I'm going to share some of those here on the blog and up first, is a chat I had with bestselling author and all round good guy, Charlie Connelly.

From Attention All Shipping to Last Train to Hilversum, Charlie's books wrap you in warm, witty arms (can arms be witty? ;)) whilst sharing fascinating tales of history, exploration and experience, and when we were chatting about family trees and genealogy on one of the shows recently, it was brilliant to hear how Charlie began searching for information about his own ancestors - and the colourful stories he discovered whilst doing it.

Have a listen to our chat below (and on BBC Sounds for the next couple of weeks - go 2 hours 39mins and 13 seconds into the programme ).

It's certainly made me want to uncover more about the past in my own family. Has it done the same for you?


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