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Picture Autumnal Somerset

What’s your favourite season? Mine’s got to be a toss-up between the promise of Spring, with all its new beginnings and optimism, and the arrival of Autumn... bringing with it the cascade of golden leaves, crimson hues, crisp, sunshiny days (if we’re lucky) and conkers by the pocketful!

Autumn in Somerset is incredibly special, especially when it’s captured by the brilliant photographers of the county, so it’s time to share ‘six of the best’ pictures of Autumn right here – a seasonal snapshot to warm you up and take your breath away.

Where better to begin than on Bulwarks Lane with Mike Jefferies. It's our cover photo above and one of the most beautiful and evocative shots of the season I’ve seen. As Mike says,

“ I'm very lucky to live close to this lane, which leads to Glastonbury tor. It's one of the walks I do most mornings or afternoons with my dog, so I see it changing throughout the year. It's just one of the many beautiful lanes around here, which is why I never leave home without my camera”.

Well, I’m sure we’re all pleased you don't, Mike! What an Autumnal stunner that shot is - and they just keep on coming, with this next photo by Matthew Perks. Just 'wow'.

Matthew captures the sheer magic of King Alfred’s Tower, as the mist moves over the treetops and the sun shines down on this incredible October scene... but the shot nearly didn’t happen. As Matthew tells us:

"After a short drive down from Bristol I had really low expectations on the weather front, but was hoping to improve on some images I took here a few weeks back. When I arrived, it seemed as though there was going to be no mist and there were clouds moving towards the horizon. I almost put my camera back in my bag and began my drive home. I was so happy I didn't because after waiting patiently for some light rays to break through the clouds, I set up my drone and was amazed to see the sun had started to lift moisture from the trees... creating a sunrise so magical I couldn’t believe my luck".

Well, I think anyone who sees that shot feels incredibly lucky too. Magical is certainly the right word for it and talking of rays of light, how about the beautiful beams in this capture by Nigel Irvine? The sheer beauty of the wood and that carpet of fallen leaves illuminated by the dappled sunshine, creates an Autumnal glow in more ways than one.

As Nigel tells me, in his Somerset village of Failand...

"We joke about the “Failand Fog”, which often hangs around the top of the hill in the morning and the evening when Bristol and other surrounding areas are in bright sunshine. To me, the first fogs after Summer signal the onset of Autumn and this one arrived on the 16th of September. Normally, the fog is over the top of the hill but this particular morning, I was walking my dog in reasonable brightness across the top of Belmont Woods when I noticed it was foggy further down the hill".

Like Mike Jefferies, Nigel also always carries his camera on his walks and as he goes on to say,

"The fog and the sun overhead was too enticing, so we walked down into it and within minutes, I was finding rays of light filtering through the trees as the sun began to burn through. I got some decent shots, but kept walking and arrived at my favourite hollow. I’ve taken loads of photos here and never managed to capture what I see but this particular morning, as the sun felt its way down through the gloom and the leaves, the whole hollow came alive with sweeping, searching sunbeams. It was mesmerising and I must’ve stayed for about 40 minutes, taking dozens of shots but sometimes just standing and enjoying the silent light show. When I look at these photos now, they speak to me of peace in an increasingly crazy and noisy world. They’re where I want to be".

Such evocative words and the peace that Nigel speaks of simply shines through in his capture. A moment to genuinely treasure.

And talking of special moments, this photo taken on the Quantocks by Hannah, AKA Quantocks_girl on Instagram, stopped me in my tracks when I saw it.

As Hannah says,

"I’m trying to make an effort to get out onto the hills at least once a day at the moment - an excuse to leave my home office and a need to take in the beauty of the quantocks at this time of year. The colours of the heather and the leaves, all golds and browns, are simply breathtaking. I usually find this horse around the Crowcombe area, not far from her herd. She’s so striking, especially in the dusky colours of the Autumn evenings. She makes my walks even more worthwhile when I spot her".

There's definitely something very magical about her and Hannah's photo really does give me goosebumps.

We've all got places we feel a connection with and head to as often as we can, and one of Dan Rappitt's favourites is Ashton Windmill. It's easy to see why looking at this shot.

As Dan says,

"I visit this windmill quite often as I like how secluded it is. It feels like it’s miles away from anywhere, even though it’s actually not! I'd walked a few laps of the field trying to find a different angle to shoot from and the colours of the leaves here caught my eye, as well as the perfect framing".

Well, I have to agree. It feels like a secret hideaway, enticing you closer with the surrounding border just beginning to turn golden... and when it comes to golden leaves, feast your eyes on this shot taken in French Weir Park in Taunton, by Roger Shattock.

As Roger says,

"I think everyone loves the Autumnal colours - and nature's yearly cycle and the River Tone provides a lovely backdrop to compliment the scene".

Ain't that the truth and what's more, this one was taken last year in November, so we've got all this still to look forward to. That definitely lifts the spirits.

So, that's your lot... six of the most stunning Autumnal photos from beautiful Somerset, although wait a minute! There's room for one more, sneaking in from The Avon Gorge. Well, we had to share this stunner, captured by Rachel at these_are_rachelsphotos on Instagram.

The quick thinking that Rachel used to get this shot definitely needs a shout out, as from the bridge she

"quickly pulled out my phone and, lifting it high through the railings, managed to get a quick snap".

Well, what can I say? Pretty special for a quick snap! ;). The gorge is looking absolutely gorgeous in this creative picture, as is our county of Somerset... in Autumn and during every season.

We are so lucky to have beauty like this on our doorstep and here's a huge thanks to the fantastic photographers of Somerset for capturing it.


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