Lighting up the county this Christmas

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It’s Christmaaaaas! as Slade would say and whether you love it, or want to curl up under the duvet until it’s all over, whether you celebrate with Santa hats and Christmas jumpers or see it in relaxing by an open fire or walking in the Winter fresh air, the day is almost upon us.

We haven’t been feeling festive at all this past week. I’ve been under the weather - being ill at any time is pants, but being ill at Christmas is a special kind of crap - but last night, we pulled on our woolly hats and warm Winter coats and discovered somewhere that delivers seasonal spirit by the Christmas light load! It also has more of those than you can shake a candy cane at, and the ability to put huge smiles on many faces – including ours.

The Queen Victoria Inn in the little village of Priddy, fifteen minutes outside Wells, is just magical. It’s been lovingly turned in to a life-sized gingerbread house, 'The Gingerbread Inn', by owner Mark Walton... a house that’s complete with over two kilometres of lights, massive retro sweet decorations, twinkly-eyed gingerbread men and lots more besides!

There’s an incredible 30ft tall snowman made entirely of empty wine bottles, lighting up the chilly December nights...

... and there’s a unique bottle Christmas tree that you won’t see on any bustling festive High Street!

As we walked up the little village lane last night, it was amazing to see the pub shining out like a seasonal beacon. It was full on and full of the buzz of people who’d come to take it all in - and have a pint at the Somerset spectacle Willy Wonka would've been proud of! ;)

We celebrate Christmas in lots of different ways... with beautiful winter walks, by shopping handmade and local, with roaring fires and a big band soundtrack usually, but we always love merry, bright and a massive dose of fun and if that’s what you’re looking for too, look no further than this mad festive gem!

And with that dose of brightly-coloured cool, we just want to wish you a really lovely Christmas – whatever that means for you. Whether it’s a loud or a quiet one, one surrounded by people or a time to retreat and recharge, we hope you enjoy the next few days your way... and here’s to the little moments of happiness and colour that come in so many different forms.

Happy Christmas everyone x

Image credits: The first image was beautifully taken by Alan Casling. The rest were snapped by us! ;)

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