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Josh Dury is starstruck!

Ever been starstruck? Local astrophotographer, Josh Dury has... when the constellation Orion and the pyramid stage collided last New Year's Eve, and he was there to record the moment in all its celestial glory!

Josh captured this stunning shot in front of the pyramid at Worthy Farm, and it's just been released in the run up to Glastonbury Festival. As Josh told me, it was hard to keep it quiet for six months:

" When I looked at it for the first time, I thought, "Wow this is stunning! And it was more difficult to keep it under wraps because of agreements I've got with Glastonburty and what have you, but it's so lovely to be able to share it now."

Well, this stunning photo means so much to Josh because it combines his three loves: photography, astronomy and music.

Josh even hopes to get the photo into the hands of the one and only Grace Jones... and the inimitable Kate Bush! Why? How? Well, you'll have to listen to our interview to find that out! It's over on Be Somerset right now.

Really hope you enjoy the chat. It's certainly made me feel much more inspired. You might say there's a twinkle (twinkle little star) in my eye!

See what you think, on Be Somerset. Orion is most definitely out, and I've got a feeling you'll be inspired by it too.


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