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James Purefoy - soldiers, serial killers & shanty singers

OK, so Mark Antony was a Roman general rather than a soldier per se, but the headline alliteration wouldn't have been as good would it? ;)

Anyway the point is, Taunton-born actor, James Purefoy, has played them all and many more over the course of his career. When I caught up with him a little while ago, we chatted about what these roles meant to him, the impact they've had (in the case of The Following's Joe Carroll, and Fisherman's Friends Jim), the complexity of the human condition, how fancy dress can take you to the brink, and about how, when everything's said and done, it's kindness and the people you connect with that truly matters.

A more diverse set of subjects you're unlikely to find.

Photo credit: Genevieve

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with James, and you can hear the edit of our conversation right here. So, grab yourself a cuppa, a cider, or your tipple of choice, and spend half an hour in our company. I can promise you light, darkness, and fish finger costumes!

If that doesn't tempt you, then nothing will.

This conversation was originally aired on BBC Radio Somerset on Friday August 19th, as part of my Big Night In show.

Video photo credit: David M. Bennett

Top photo credit: Fred Films/Powderkeg Pictures


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