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“It might even be illegal…”

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

OK. The latest Somerset cool radio show is totally legal... but have you heard it yet?

If you haven’t, take a listen because it's an hour packed with chat and great music, there’s always a link to Somerset and this headline’s a snippet from a conversation you won’t want to miss. Why? Well in this show, I catch up with actor, director, podcaster, nature ambassador, Somerset dweller and one-time canoeist, David Oakes.

If you loved Victoria, the Borgias and The Pillars of the Earth, this is the episode for you, as we discover why David’s dad wasn’t best pleased his son was playing William Hamleigh! We also chat about what it’s like playing iconic roles like Mr Darcy and Hamlet and dig a little deeper into David’s passion for directing.

We chat nature too, because David’s an ambassador for the Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust and his nature podcast ‘Trees a crowd’ is simply brilliant. It’s a series of chats with some incredible people who are also inspired by the natural world and let me just say this. Listening to it is a bit like curling up with a warm cup of your favourite brew… combined with a healthy spoonful of insight and a couple of dashes of perspectives you’ll definitely want to discover!

And then there’s the canoe story. Don’t miss the canoe story! ;)

In this show I chat Somerset theatre too, as I catch up with Wassail Theatre’s producer Joe Cullen. Wassail is soon to stage the open air production ‘Apples and Angels’ and guess where it’ll be? Burrow Hill Orchard...

... so as well as taking in those glorious views of the county, I’ve a feeling a pint from the famous Cider Bus might be on the cards – as well as an evening of unpredictable entertainment from these awesome theatre makers.

Anyway, you can catch up with the show whenever you fancy it. It’s on Mixcloud right here:

Hope you enjoy the conversation.


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