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Help us help The Roxy. Ahh go on!

We've always been a little bit in love with the cinema. Don't tell anyone but I *might've* dressed up as giant Oscar statue once... so bearing that in mind, it's no surprise we've been closely following one of England's tiniest cinemas on their quest to raise funds to keep the doors well and truly open. We're talking about The Roxy in Axbridge - a small but perfectly formed, 36-seater, retro gem that provides an affordable, intimate venue for film and other arts in rural Somerset.

The Roxy's a volunteer-run, not for profit cinema offering film, friendship and fun to everyone in the community, including many who would otherwise be excluded by location, disability or cost. This goes for visitors too of course, and did I mention it's incredibly Somerset cool? Well it is! It's a beautiful step back in time. A little slice of art deco glamour, complete with foyer and box office, vintage velvet seats originally from Bristol’s Colston hall and a 1950’s cocktail bar where events can be hosted in the most unique surroundings.

We've made a donation to help The Roxy stay open and carry out the repairs it needs to keep going. We've done it via crowdfunder and as we've pledged, we get a reward in return. Now, this is where you hopefully come in too!

If the fundraising is successful, we'll get a private screening for up to 34 people & we'd love you to come with us. If you retweet the link to this blog, or to the Roxy's crowdfunder page (which we'll be posting regularly over the next fortnight), your name will be put in to our big top hat! Get pulled out and we'll invite you to join us.

I guess we could've just invited some mates, but we want to do this to raise awareness for The Roxy & hopefully that awareness will mean more pledges - you might even pledge too and it'll be great to meet some new faces at the screening.

There's not long to go now until the fundraising deadline is up (15 days from writing this blog) & The Roxy is at 76% of it's £5,000 target, so let's get them to 100%! I'll keep shaking my pom-pom's until we do... or something! Just RT the link to this article, or any other Roxy tweets we post & let's make something ace happen for this lovely little place.

P.S. You can also check The Roxy out here

P.P.S Here's the pledge link again, just in case! :)


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