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Glastonberet - Four Thoughts

Gotta love Glastonbury! You’ve just got to - and one thing we particularly adore is the massive mix of people that suspend reality for five days and have the time of the year!

There are so many different stories and characters, so for this Friday’s 'Four Thoughts' we spoke to one of them who caught our attention. Michelle has been running her own campaign called Glastonberet! It’s about to come to life in a few hours at half past midnight, so we caught up with her today to find out what Glastonberet is all about and to ask her four quick questions we thought you’d love to know the answers to :) 

1. So Michelle… tell us what Glastonberet is all about!

The Glastonberet campaign is really my mission to try and unite as many Prince fans together as I can, in a single act of tribute at Glastonbury Festival. Tonight, at the 'Hot Chip Remembers Prince' DJ set at Genosys, Block 9, I’m encouraging people to wear a raspberry beret! I can’t wait to see a sea of raspberry berets partying like it’s 1999, as we celebrate the life and music of Prince - before going and watching the sunrise.

2. What’s your favourite Prince album and why?

Ahh that’s such a hard question! Prince has had such an impact on me and there are so many fantastic albums. It’s really difficult to choose just one favourite, which would admittedly change depending on my mood. The ultimate album would have every single hit on it, spanning his entire career - now that would be one fantastic and eclectic collection! 

3. What are you the most excited about at Glastonbury this year?

What I love about Glastonbury festival is that the magic of your imagination has no limits here. You’re just free to be yourself, leaving behind your inhibitions and that’s what I always look forward to the most, every year I go. 

4. Tell us a secret about your Glastonberet campaign that no-one else knows! 

My own raspberry beret was always a must for this year’s festival. As I tried on my fancy dress outfits and danced around my flat with my 10 year old, my son said to me: 

“I hope people will be looking at your Glastonberet mum, rather than your dodgy dancing skills!" 

The Glasonberet pun was born right there and then! 

So if you’re a Prince fan, you're at Glastonbury and you fancy wearing the kind of beret you find in a second hand store (I guess you can also wear much more if you'd like to :) head down to Genosys tonight in yours - or wave at Michelle and her crew, who’ll be flying the flag/beret for their personal Prince tribute. 

Have a fab night everyone x  


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