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Covers Vinyl - Four Thoughts

It's no secret that we love vinyl, so this week we get the 'Four Thoughts' of husband and wife (and Pug) team Howard Phillis, Gemma Phillis and Poppy - collectively known as Covers Vinyl Record Store. You can find them on Catherine Hill in Frome.

We're really excited by this little record shop and absolutely loving the answers to the four questions we asked them. There's not many questions that get the answer "7 nipples" in return...

1. How did Covers Vinyl get started? 

We've both always been big vinyl collectors and when we lived in London we'd spend every Saturday morning in our favourite local store (Rat Records in Camberwell) rummaging through the second hand selection. We started buying and selling preloved vinyl as a hobby and then about three years ago, lots of record shops started popping up near us in Peckham. We supplied wholesale to them and this allowed us to get more serious and start our own brand, selling exclusively new vinyl online. Howard is originally from Somerset and we've always loved Frome, especially the gorgeous shops on Catherine Hill. We knew it was the perfect place to move to and set up our physical store. There are so many like minded people here who are passionate about what they do and it's an amazing town to see live music - there's something on almost every night. 

2. We love everything about the experience of vinyl. From taking it out of the sleeve, to sometimes hearing the crackles! What makes vinyl so special for you?

Vinyl now has a different role in the new world. It can be a beautiful art object and a statement of who you are and what you love. The action of listening to it is almost a ritual - like sitting at the table to eat. It really focuses your attention on the music. We like to say it's an antidote to hectic modern life... vinyl teaches us to take things slower and appreciate life. 

3. If you had to choose just three, what would your desert island albums be? 

Howard: Talking Heads "Speaking In Tongues", The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead", Gang Starr "Step In The Arena" - three albums I'll never grow tired of hearing.

Gemma: Pulp "His n Hers", Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Murder Ballads", PJ Harvey "Rid of Me" - I love music that's visceral and also tells a story.

Poppy: Psycho Original Soundtrack, The Shining Original Soundtrack, Portishead "Dummy" - anything high pitched or with scratching sets her off barking! 

4. Tell us a secret about you guys or the shop that no-one else knows! 

Howard: used to be a chef in a vegan squat cafe in Brixton in the 1990s

Gemma: used to work with Damien Hirst at White Cube Gallery

Poppy the Pug: only has 7 nipples

And there you have it! The single best answer ever on a Four Thoughts. If you love your vinyl as much as we do, check out Covers Vinyl on Catherine Hill in Frome... and give Poppy a big stroke from us! :)


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