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Caro Somerset - Four Thoughts

We’re 4 weeks old on Friday! Woo hoo!

To mark the occasion, we chatted to Natalie Jones - the lovely owner of Caro in Bruton. We asked her 4 questions we thought you might like to know the answers to & we’re definitely glad we found them out!  

1. Why did you start up Caro?

Caro was dreamt up on my usual Friday night train journey from London to Templecombe. Tom & I decided I’d make the move down to Somerset, where he’s lived for the last 10 years. I needed to think of what I was going to do when I arrived, so I’d stare out of the window & imagine another life. I’ve always taken pleasure in good service & experience, so with a background in branding I decided to open a shop - but a shop where you felt part of something else. A place where you could relax & enjoy the environment - hence the coffee & cake. 

2. If you were a customer, what's the one thing you wouldn't you be able to resist buying from the shop? 

Ooh, that’s tricky. I’d definitely have a coffee to think about it! Round Hill is a great roaster, so I wouldn’t be able to resist a speciality cup in the store. In the end, I’d probably go for the 'Tonk' Laboratory Perfume, as I’m a sucker for unique & off-the-mainstream-track fragrances. 

3. If you could choose anyone at all to have a Caro coffee with, who would it be and why? 

There are far too many acclaimed people for me to choose from and really, if it came down to it, I’d choose Tom or my Aunty Sally. Both of them make me happy, relaxed & laugh out loud. 

4. Tell us a little secret about you or Caro that no-one else knows :) 

We’re working with architects at the moment to expand Caro into a new space later this year! 

Now that's an exciting secret! We can’t wait to hear more about it over a coffee… or several!

Anyway, Happy 4 weeks to us… & thanks to Natalie for being very Somerset cool.


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