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Bring on the Barnacle Buoys!

Away (ho!) Haul away, we'll haul away together... I've got to say, 'Haul Away Joe' has been in my head ever since I chatted with Somerset's very own sea shanty group, the Barnacle Buoys, recently.

I was bringing my 'Big Night In' back to BBC Radio Somerset, and decided I wanted to celebrate the release of the film Fisherman's Friends: One and All, and do it with a little Somerset twist (obviously). Enter Kevin, Rod and Maurice, three of the buoy band... and what a chat we had.

I headed to Clevedon, to Rod's house, and as we sat around the dining table we laughed, reminisced and covered everything from singing 'Strangers in the Night' (you have to hear that story!) to joining the group without an audition, to the joy of shanty-singing in the back room of your favourite pub - and the connection with the Fisherman's Friends films.

It was an absolute joy chatting with the buoys and the conversation is here, in all it's glory, for you to enjoy too. So, press play, haul away and experience the joy of singing from the heart and soul.

Chat originally aired on BBC Radio Somerset on August 19th, and can be heard here on BBC Sounds as part of The Big Night In, until September 17th, 2022.


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