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Art at Wick Farm

Somerset Art Weeks is in full swing (until October 9th) and one venue that's really shone a colourful and creative light on art in the county is Wick Farm. It's a little slice of magic, just outside Langport.


Before the Somerset Art Works festival began, I headed to Wick to chat with owner Penny Horne, and artists Linda and Grace Green, about the farm, their work, and their plans for Somerset Art Weeks. You can here those conversations right here...

Penny's Conversation

Linda's Conversation

Grace's Conversation

These interviews first aired on BBC Radio Somerset during the week of September 19th.

Last week, I returned to the farm. All the art is now installed of course, and it was fantastic exploring some of the 23 acres of land, with flashes of creativity on brick and grass, and in gardens, corners, crannies and nooks.

As well as Base Gamble's heartfelt installation, 'All you need is love', and Grace's gigantic painting (adding a riot of colour and intricacy to an outer barn wall), I particularly loved exploring the Hare Garden...

... and climbing up into the forest, catching glimpses of brightness in the trees, and the secret hideaways emerging like the glinted edges of the cracked pieces of pottery Penny puts into paving.

The 'letting go labyrinth' also feels very special.

When you walk in, the idea is to think about something you need to release or forget about. You say a little prayer when you get to the middle and walk out the same way you came in. You'll then hopefully feel as if a weight has been lifted. I followed the instructions (unheard of for me!!) and when I was out, I can honestly say I felt much more at peace.

Anyway, here's Penny sharing a little of what she's been feeling about meeting guests during the arts festival, and, what it's inspired her to do.

Great news on all fronts! I'll definitely look forward to going back for another relaxing wander amongst the art, a cup of tea and a slice or two of that delicious cake!

P.S. If you do visit this Art Weeks, check out this wind drawing by... well, the wind... and Grace (as it was her idea!). I love the idea of the wind creating whatever pattern it fancies, depending on which way it feels like blowing the pen!


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