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Angus Art - Four Thoughts

Cast your mind back a few months. We went to Valley Fest. We saw some awesome art in the Urban area there. THIS kind of awesome art...

... and it made us want to find out more about the person who created it. So we did! We met Angus - a Street Artist based in Bristol. He's doing some very cool stuff and we asked him four questions that give a bit of insight in to what it's like being a Street Artist. 

We'll be doing a follow-up blog in the new year... going on a bit of a tour with Angus and seeing the best Street Art Bristol has to offer. Can't wait for that - but for now, here are his Four Thoughts.  

1. What does being a Street Artist really mean? :)

It's a great way of expressing views or opinions in text or images, produced legally or illegally outside of your conventional museums or galleries. Through Street Art you can target the whole of the general public, instead of the more restricted audience you get in galleries or museums - and that really appeals to me.  

2. How long have you been creating Street Art and where do you do it?

I've been producing Street Art now for just over 2 years. I'm still fairly new at it compared to others, but I've never looked back since I started. The majority of my artwork is in or around Bristol, but I've painted all over the UK - from Inverness to Portsmouth. London seems to be my second home though.

3. What sort of art do you create and what inspires you? Do you have a favourite piece of your own art?! 

I create my art by using well known images or characters and I add my own twist, with humour or text to make it relevant.

Current affairs and the streets around me always give me new inspiration - and living in Bristol, there's always plenty to inspire me.

My inspiration to start Street Art in the first place was UpFest 2013. I was going into town to meet some friends, took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of it all - art works going up everywhere. I met an artist called Bill who asked if I wanted to hang out and paint. I picked up a can and just had a go, with no idea what I was doing and I stayed there all afternoon. Bill's still a friend today and he really taught me to try things out. He also encouraged me to join the Secret Society of Super Villain Artists - a group of over 5,000 artists, who are all about art and don't condone vandalism.

"Walkies" has to be the favourite piece of my own art, partly because it was the first piece to attract comment in and around London. 

4. Love the sound of that secret society - and talking of secrets, tell us a secret about you or your art that no-one else knows.  

Apparently , I went to the same school as a really famous Bristol street Artist! ;) 

Oooh - now that's a secret and a half! Watch out for our Street Art tour with Angus next year - and check out the latest from him right here, right now! 


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