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Angus and the owls - Four Thoughts

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We love a cracking arts trail to follow, don't you? And there's definitely a place in our hearts for wise owls! We've got a stunning barn owl that regularly swoops down into our Somerset garden, an odd 'owl coffee table' sculpture (you put the drinks on her flat head ;)) and we've never been the same since the owls were not what they seemed in Twin Peaks... so when we heard about Minerva’s Owls of Bath 2018, you could say we were a bit over-excited!

Minervas Owls of Bath, Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset blogger, Somerset bloggers, Angus, Angus art

This major public sculpture trail around beautiful Bath, includes a fabulous flock of over 80 individually decorated, giant owl sculptures to discover.

The owls are in place until September 10th and you can walk through the city and beyond with your trail map, to seek each one out. They're brilliantly designed and decorated, each one has a different theme and what a fab thing to go to Bath to do over the Summer. I was going to write"it'll be a hoot to do the trail", but then thought that'd make me look like a massive twit (twoo). OK. Stop it with the owl puns! ;)

Anyway, we wanted to go behind the scenes to discover what it's like to be involved in the trail if you've designed one of these ace owls... so we've been chatting to brilliant Bristol street artist, Angus, to find out about the owl he created, where you can find it and whether it's keeping any secrets!

Here's the 'Four Thoughts' Angus shared with us when we caught up with him recently.

Angus art, Angus, Minevas owls of bath, Somerset blog, Somerset cool, Somerset blogger

1. Can you tell us about how you got involved with the Owls of Bath trail and a bit about the trail itself? 

Actually, another artist put my name forward to the trail at the beginning of the New Year. That was great and talks started straight away. The owl I've created is one of over 80 super-sized owls, spread in and around Bath and decorated by individual artists from all different backgrounds - using all types of media and designs.

2. What inspired your own owl design? Can you share a bit about the process of creating it? How long did it take and does your owl have a name? ;) 

My owl is called 'Summer' and the inspiration for the design came from The County Hotel in Bath. They've sponsored the owl and at the time, they were in the process of opening a Beach-themed bar, so they really wanted an owl that would be right at home in that venue.

The County Hotel Bath, Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset blogger, Somerset bloggers

I used spray and acrylic paints with stencils, as well as putting some seashell decorations on her. In all, Summer took a good hundered plus hours to complete.

Angus, Angus art, Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset blogger, Somerset bloggers

Summer the owl, Minevas owls of Bath, Owl trail bath, Somerset cool, Somerset blog, Somerset bloggers, Somerset blog, art in Somerset

3. What else are you up to at the moment and where can people go to see more of your stuff? 

I'm really busy at the moment, with UpFest coming up next weekend and a couple of other festivals taking place in the West Country... as well as my artwork being stocked in galleries in London , Brighton and of course, Bristol.

Angus, Angus art, Somerset cool, Somerset cool blog, Interview with Angus, Interview with Angus art, Somerset blogger, Street art in Somerset,

4. Tell us a secret about your owl, or the trail, that no-one else knows. 


I've added other people's names to my owl - hidden amongst the artwork, so it isn't in plain sight. You guys are the first people I've told!

Summer the owl, Minervas owls of Bath, owl trail in bath, angus, angus art, the county hotel, Somerset cool, Somerset blogger

Ahhh! Well, before the trail is over, we're definitely off to see Summer at The County Hotel to see if we can spot those hidden names (probably after a cocktail or ten!! ;)). We'll let you know what we find.

Have a great owl trail if you do go... and don't forget to tag us #somersetcool in your photos on Twitter or Instagram. We'd love to see them - and if you want a bit more of all things Angus (and quite frankly who wouldn't!), check out Upfest and his social media right here.

Right! Must fly!

Yep. I really am a massive twit.....;).

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