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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Never enough hours in the day? Rushing around a lot? Struggling to switch off? Yep - I’m totally with you, so when Elements Boutique Spa invited me to check out their five-star spa in the middle of our stunning Somerset countryside, I wasn’t about to say no!

Having said that though, ‘Me time’ isn’t really something I do very well these days if I’m honest so when I pulled up to park, I wondered if I’d actually be able to truly clear my head, relax and unwind. I needn’t have worried too much, as thankfully this beautiful spa makes it pretty easy to get out of the swing of things ;).

The first thing I really loved was the size of the place – small and perfectly formed! Larger spas, with a gazillion treatment rooms piping out the same old ‘relax right now’ music don’t really do it for me, so it was lovely to discover that Elements is the complete antithesis of that.

A boutique haven in the Somerset countryside

There’s a calm reception area and a sunny lounge, with cool comfy chairs, colouring books, fruit teas galore and simple messages reminding you to just take some time to breathe...

Inhale and take a moment

The 'thermal suite' is a little slice of bliss... with heated ceramic loungers (lovely to feel the warmth through the tiny ceramic tiles as you lay back and relax), a sparkling sauna, steam room and my favourite bit, the gorgeous panoramic plunge pool overlooking the countryside. From the clear bubbling waters (loving those different jet settings), you can look out over the Somerset Levels and have a go at spotting Burrow Mump in the distance on a clear day!

As I went on a Monday morning, I had the place all to myself too...

A little oasis, looking out to the Levels beyond

The jet set - different settings to rewind and renew

Sauna, steam and panoramic plunge pool = happy face!

I *might’ve* got lost in a world of imagining I’d won the lottery and could have this at home! ;). Anyway, snapping out of that particular daydream, the peaceful privacy you get is completely worth its weight in relaxation (far better than gold ;)). I could feel the tension lifting from my shoulders the longer I chilled out here and the peaceful feel is something the spa gets absolutely spot on.

And, who wouldn’t want to throw open the glass doors on a lovely Spring day and let the Somerset air stream in?

Go on a day when you can throw the doors open wide

If you’re looking to choose a treatment, or several, there’s plenty to rejuvenate and refresh here - with everything from age repair facials, to manicures and pedicures. I plumped for the Ultimate Aromatherapy Treatment and it was fantastic to get a massage personalised to my own emotional and physical needs on the day.

It all started as I inhaled my way through some beautiful essential oils, selecting the ones I was drawn to in that moment. There are twelve signature oils to choose from and funnily enough when Carli, my therapist, said "do you like gin and tonic", I had a feeling that particular essential oil might be the one for me ;). In all seriousness, the botanicals of grapefruit and juniper felt incredibly invigorating and were just what I needed to kick my tired body and mind back to life!

The ultimate in Aromatherapy...

A softer massage really helped break down a whole host of back knots I'd accumulated since my last massage many moons ago, and I vowed not to leave it so long to unwind and recharge next time.

Already booked in for another fantastic back massage

If you fancy making a spa day of it, pop to The Levels Country Kitchen for lunch. It's just next door and I just about managed to resist the amazing selection of homemade cakes ;).

Perfect place for a little lunch... or cake!

All in all, on my drive home through the Levels, I was pretty much floating on air after a total chill out... and all I can say is if Elements can switch my mind off, it can work for anyone!

Feeling recharged and ready to remember to take time to breathe

Our five word review: The perfect place to recharge.

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