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Ageing, darning, protesting - a chat with Jenni Dutton

What can I say about artist Jenni Dutton? Well, we could talk about her off-the-scale talent - her making huge portraits that might appear to be drawings or paintings at first. They're actually stitched with wool, combined to create work that brought me to goosebumps and other visitors to tears when I was in the gallery recently.

We could talk about the twinkle in Jenni's eye as she chats about the mystery of cloaks, and the headdresses made to send a message and perhaps, to disguise an identity.

We could talk about her not giving a 'bleep' who knows how old she is - the artist who is here to say 'embrace the wrinkles' and stop feeling pressured by the media to be anything other than yourself.

Well, let's do all this and more.

Let's hear what Jenni has to say when I chat with her for my BBC Radio Somerset arts special. Let's hear about her new body of work, Absurd Sewn Selfies, the meaning behind them, and her attraction to human hair. God I love unexpected topics of conversation.

Here's our chat in all its honest, fascinating, and heartfelt glory.

This chat first aired on BBC Radio Somerset on Friday 7th October, 2022


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