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A chat with the Brewed Boy!

Updated: May 15, 2018

Few beers on the cards this evening? Well, here’s a quick one for you if you love craft beer and artisan cider! Brewed Boy Tap House and Bottle Shop has recently opened in Frome and we popped by for a chat with owner George White, who told us about the beers he’s fallen for and his hopes for this fresh little place on Cork Street.

We’ll admit the Tap House world is pretty new to us, so it was great chatting to someone like George who’s young (21), full of energy for his first business adventure and full of passion for all the beers and ciders he’s serving at Brewed Boy. There’s around 70 beers to choose from (yep. SEVEN ZERO!!) and eight drinks on tap at any given time, so if you can’t find anything you want to try in here we definitely can’t be friends ;).

Big commercial brands aren’t welcome in this cool little bottle bar either…

“I’m not interested in any of the big brands” George tells us with a smile, “only small indie breweries or brewers, so you won’t find any commercial stuff in here. I’ve spent the last nine months seeking out the best of the best craft beers, both locally and all over the UK”

and George certainly has been collecting cool, interesting and sometimes rare beers and ciders from every hidden corner of the country… from Somerset to Leeds and everywhere in between or beyond!

We love that pure thirst (no pun intended there!!) for finding the undiscovered and George is definitely on a mission to showcase beers and ciders you might not have heard of - as well as offering a cool selection of those you’ll probably know and love, like our very own Harry’s Cider (a Somerset cool fave, made just outside Langport), Uptonogood Cider (a great community cider made by the good people of Upton Noble), a selection from Bristol’s awesome The Wild Beer Company and lots more besides.

As George explains,

“I’m always on the look out for something completely different to serve here and I want it to become a place where makers can showcase their beers and ciders. It often takes just one place to champion them and small indie breweries deserve a chance to shine. They’ll get that opportunity here.” 

And with a selection like this, you can’t argue with that!

What we love about Brewed Boy is that George is clearly excited by the industry. He talks with a twinkle in his eye about Legitimate Industries, his favourite source of craft beer right now, and he loves being a part of a small, growing movement that feels incredibly special. When he talks to us about some of the rarer beers he’s stocking, like Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana, you can’t stop him beaming!

And he gives us a can to take home, in true Bottle Shop style, so of course we're pretty happy too! :) 

If you stop by Brewed Boy, George is also really up for sharing his knowledge and talking about the beers and ciders he serves:  

“When I started this venture, I didn’t know much and now I kind of feel like a graduate,” 

he tells us with a grin... and all we can say is we’d definitely trust George to wow us with something good!

Now, enough about the booze, how about the surroundings? Well, the place itself is George’s handiwork, with a little help from some friends along the way. There’s a mural by a Belfast artist that gives a splash of colour and the bar is made from old cider barrels.

The floor boards are crafted from Bristol scaffolding that no-one wanted, reclaimed church pews provide some of the seating and George has made sure most things are sustainable & upcycled. 

The small but perfectly formed courtyard garden has also just opened for Summer :) 

We’ll definitely be popping by to try out George’s latest selections (follow Brewed Boy on Instagram to keep up to date with what they are, as they're ever changing and growing) and if you fancy it, give this special little Tap House a visit. It’s tucked away opposite The Westway cinema and it really is like a secret backroom just waiting to be discovered.


Brewed Boy is open from 2pm until 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12 noon until 9pm on Friday and Saturday and 12 noon until 7pm on Sunday. It's closed on Monday. 


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