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The Vintage Bazaar - Four Thoughts

This week, Four Thoughts is stepping back in time... sort of! We’re talking all things Vintage - textiles, haberdashery, costume, accessories, homewares, handmade treasures - and chatting to Clare and Lizzie, who bring them all together at an event called The Vintage Bazaar. The Bazaar is being held at the Cheese & Grain in Frome, tomorrow (Saturday 16th April) from 9am to 3pm.  

So, now you've got the venue and the time, here's what the organisers had to say when we asked four questions we thought you'd love to hear the answers to:

1. For anyone who doesn't know, can you explain a little bit about The Vintage Bazaar?

Absolutely. It’s a fantastic event, bringing together the very best Vintage dealers and handmade designers from all over the South of England! Everything from stunning Vintage fashion and homewares, to French brocante and handmade goodies will be available to buy and browse through. You won’t find this selection of beautiful things anywhere else either, so the event is unique. 

2. What's the weirdest or most wonderful thing you've seen for sale? 

Where do we start? The Vintage Bazaar always has the most amazing things for sale! We had a wonderful Vintage wedding dress not so long ago, complete with the original wearers wedding photo - that was incredibly special, as well as personal.

3. What makes Vintage or Vintage materials so special to you? 

For us, the history attached is so important. It's lovely to think these once cherished items are given another chance… to see new owners appreciating them and getting real joy out of them. 

4. Tell us a secret about The Vintage Bazaar that no-one else knows! 

We always have dealers trying to get in early, but we really feel everyone should have the same opportunity to find that special item… so everyone is let in at 9am - no exception!

There’s no way we’d try to get in early… honest! :) Unless it was for THIS American dance costume from the 1920’s! 

As The Vintage Bazaar says on their Facebook page (check it out for more event details and item previews) “who doesn’t need Lamé pants”? :) 

Anyway, for all kinds of lovely things with a history, our advice is to check out The Vintage Bazaar tomorrow... but not before 9am :) 


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