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Somerset Fringe - Four Thoughts

We’ve all heard of the Edinburgh Fringe, but did you know that Somerset has a Fringe Festival too? Well, you do now… and it’s starting very very soon! :)

The festival runs from 22nd August – 4th September and if you’re on twitter, Somerset Fringe’s hashtag is #discoversomethingdifferent. Once we’d seen that, we couldn’t resist chatting to Natalia Barrett, Director of the Somerset Fringe, to find out more!  

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the Somerset Fringe Festival and what makes it different?

Somerset Fringe offers an arts alternative in Somerset… not just music, not just dance, but anything that can be viewed as art. It allows seasoned artists to tour here and gives undiscovered talent a platform to shine. It also creates a community… allowing Somerset to link up with the other Fringe Festivals around the world. There are hundreds of them – and this ‘World Fringe Network’ enables many touring acts to go between each Fringe!

2. What are you the most excited to include at this year's event?

Of course, we’re absolutely beside ourselves to have headliner, Christina Bianco – but I love the wackiness of the comedy duo A Really Really Big Modern Telly. We think they’re the new French and Saunders and the show’s definitely a must watch! It’s also exciting to be featuring some great home grown Somerset performers and pupils from the Re:ACT Theatre School.  

3. If you had to select just 3 things for people to check out during the Fringe, what would they be and why?  

Christina Bianco - 22 million Youtube hits on her songs and impressions - need I say more?!

A Really Really Big Modern Telly  - if you loved the Ab Fab movie, you’ll love these guys...

Richard III (a one-woman show). It's Shakespeare, in the funniest, most accessible way possible!

I’d urge everyone to have a look at the programme of events though. It’s full of gems!

4. Tell us a secret about the Somerset Fringe that no-one else knows!

Ooooo… a secret… now that would be telling! Let’s just say there are a number of secret pop-up events all over Somerset that you don’t want to miss…

Well, Natalia’s keeping her cards pretty close to her chest there, so we’re just going to have to keep an eye out for some cool pop-up stuff during the festival. Can’t wait!

Make sure you tweet us and let us know if you spot any surprises too – or if you go to any Fringe events and absolutely love ‘em!


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