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Luke DeSciscio - the truth behind his beautiful music

Bath-based singer songwriter Luke DeSciscio captivates with his voice. His range is breathtaking. One moment he'll be soothing you with a rich depth in tone that would be music to Jeff Buckley's ears (unsurprisingly, there have been comparisons here). The next, Luke is hitting the high notes in his beautiful song 'Moon' without breaking a sweat. It's completely natural for him, totally absorbing to listen to, and it was a pleasure welcoming Luke to the BBC Radio Somerset studio recently for three live acoustic performances - and to chat about his music too.

As well as performing naturally, it's the same when it comes to the flow of conversation. Luke has the air of someone who has been through some difficult experiences and they've taught him how to fly... and no-one, not even Luke himself, is going to stall the take off.

Here are some highlights of our conversation (I begin by asking Luke how it all got started for him).

Until the end of June, the full session is also available on BBC Sounds in all its glory here (1 hour 21 mins and 15 seconds into the show).

Luke is headlining Chapel Arts Centre on Thursday June 8th (2023) and I'm sure it'll be magical.

Definitely keep an eye on Luke. I'm excited to see what he does next, as he continues to share his truth.


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