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Dexys do Bath, new music, and honest conversation

They say never meet the creators of your favourite albums... ;) Well, 'they' are wrong! Recently, I caught up with Dexys founder and frontman, Kevin Rowland, for a chat on my Big Night In show and not only was it interesting and thought-provoking, it was honest and heartwarming too.

Searching for the Young Soul Rebels has been in my top 10 favourite albums of all time for years, so it was great to chat with Kevin about the release of Dexys new album, The Feminine Divine, to find out more about the inspiration behind it, and to chat about their upcoming tour.

Dexys will be at The Bath Forum on September 22nd and not only will there be a unique performance of the new album in full, the second half is a concert of Denys favourites - can't wait!

What I loved and appreciated about my conversation with Kevin, was the honesty and openness in our chat. We talk anxiety and changing patterns of behaviour, as well as what Kevin really thinks about Come on Eileen, all these years on.

A singing voice that still 'makes my heart go boom boom boom', was a voice with much to say about being human and changing our ways.

Sit back and listen to our conversation. here (forever) and you can hear it on BBC Sounds too for the rest of the month (search Jenna Myles and head to June 16th show 1hour 18 in and June 30th show 1 hour 17 in). An edit was also broadcast on Sunday July 3rd, on the mid morning show.


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