FIFTY BEES 3 - A very different story! 



If you read the blog regularly, you'll know we love FIFTY BEES - The Interconnectedness of all things - the exhibition created by awesome fibre artist Lydia Needle. It's incredibly special, raises awareness of how delicate our ecosystems are and it gets everyone thinking about how we can help to safeguard the bee population. 


For each exhibition, Lydia needlefelts fifty different species of bee, houses them in beautiful vintage containers and chooses fifty artists to make a piece of work in response to the bee she's given them. The work is then curated and exhibited here in Somerset. To catch up on the last FIFTY BEES, you can read our blog about it right here. 













Next year, FIFTY BEES 3 will be held at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton, beginning mid March and we've got something really exciting to share.


I'm going to be a 'Bee Artist' for FIFTY BEES 2019... and can't bleeping wait!


A long while back, I used to be a songwriter and singer, but haven't recorded any music for quite some time. For FIFTY BEES 3, I'll be writing, performing and recording a song in response to the bee we've been given. The song will be pressed to vinyl and you'll be able to listen to it at next year's exhibition.  


I've also invited the brilliant Jac Husebo to be my partner in songwriting crime! Jac is a fantastic guitarist, writer and actor and it'll be exciting collaborating with him. 











From now until then, I'll be posting a series of short blogs to keep you up to date on how the project's going - let's just say it'll probably be challenging, exciting and maybe a bit emotional! 


Right now, there's a whole heap of questions. Which bee have we got? Will I have forgotten how to sing? ;) How will it be experiencing FIFTY BEES from the artist point of view, rather than going along, taking in the beauty of it all and writing about it? 


This time it'll be a very different story, so keep an eye out for our social media and blog updates... and we'll try and control our nervous excitement too :). 


Follow us on Somerset cool Twitter and Instagram for updates. We will also be sharing more details in our newsletter. You can sign up for that at the bottom of this page if you'd like to. To keep up with all things FIFTY BEES follow Fifty Bees Twitter and Fifty Bees Instagram too, as well as Lydia's Twitter and Instagram. 


Bring on the buzz!  

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